Stories Of These Cold Hearted Serial Killers Who Give You Goosebumps And Sleepless Nights!

Serial Killers

Serial Killers – You might have all come many serial killing episode and thrillers that are hard to get away with. Especially for those thrill loving freaks.

Here, we have some serial killers that are sure for giving you terror and fear down your spine. Take a look at these terror giving personalities!!

Serial Killers – 

  1. Dennis Rader a.k.a The BTK killer

This brutal killer kills and masturbates at the place of crime. Man, like seriously. Coming to this man’s way of killing, it’s brutal and sometimes even more than that. The bounds people torture them and then kill. Seem’s like this man got some sadistic personality disorder. This man is also said to have a well put up family that has his wife and daughters. By now you must be wondering what this BTK could be! Well, it means ‘Bind ‘em! Torture ‘em, kill ‘em!

  1. Natalia Baksheev and Dmitry Baksheev

The cannibal..!! I think this would give you a better picture of them. These couple are said to have killed people and make bloody pieces out of them and sell them, too. They have meal that consist’s of human organs. It was reported that this duo was arrested by cops.

  1. Pedro Lopez

The man is said to have killed about 80 girls, after having raped them. He is also said to have buried their bodies countryside.

  1. H.Holmes

Known for having built a ‘murder castle’ and that too without damn, windows!!! He tortures and kills women. This man is also said to have admitted his crimes.

  1. Jeffrey Dahmer

Known, to kill people by drilling holes into brain’s of people that are alive. He cooks the dead man’s parts and eats them.

  1. Ed Gein

The butcher killer!! He keeps the skins of the people that he killed and makes suits and masks out of it.

  1. DeanCorll

This man brutally killed many by breaking glass tubes in urethra.

  1. Fred and Rose West

This couple hires girls like nannies – tortures and then kills them.


  1. Edmund Kemper: He killed nearly 6 women and had sex with corpse preserved their heads and had sex with them. OMG creepy, I am having goose bumps cant write more on this beast!

These were some serial killers that killed people brutally by torturing them before. I Am sure that these killers gave you fear down your spine. Glad that the article is over OMG such psychopaths!

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