CID’s Success: Daya Pata Karo Isske Peechhe Kya Raaz Hai?

CID, the tv show

ACP Pradyuman’s thought provoking query to one his subordinates, either Abhijeet or Daya is soon becoming part of our collective history which will stay in memory long after the show goes off-air!

Off-air? Like that is even possible! Going by the way the show is going from strength to strength, it is unimaginable that a detective series like CID can ever go off-air, not in next 50-60 years at least. Yeah, the actors portraying the famous ACP or other major officers might change, but the show will live on and on.

CID Team

CID Team

After all, it is the longest running show in Indian Television history. This January it completed as many as 18 long years entertaining its die hard loyal fans who don’t miss even a single episode of this series. It is no small feat considering the attention span of people these days is shorter than the blink of an eye! And no, the end is nowhere in sight as the show is still raking decent and respectable TRP’s for channel to even consider shutting it off.

World over there are various crime based shows like Castle, Criminal Minds, CSI etc, but they all follow a season format where-in they run for a particular span of time and then go off air to return with a fresh season. Our CID is different from all such show since it hasn’t taken a break ever. It keeps on solving one mystery after the other, catching one criminal after another in its quest to solve complicated crimes in a city like Mumbai.

The thing which baffles everyone is that without having superior production qualities or path-breaking scientific nuances used in crime, like Hollywood shows, CID still has loyal fan base. The cases are very much Indian, have a local flavour and bring out the local relatable factor with an added melodramatic twists which do attract lot of children if not all adults. That could be one of the most defining factors for the show as children love this puzzle-solving team of detectives who can solve any and every crime under the sun with their combined intellect and physical powers!

A show’s popularity in today’s times can be easily gauged by how much it is talked about on social media and CID wins on that benchmark hands down! Millions of jokes and spoofs on the characters are circulated day after day and no matter how repetitive and old they may sound, they still succeed in bringing a smile or a heart-felt laughter. That sums up its popularity!

At this stage, we don’t know if changing the format of the show, making it more engaging or classier in comparison to their western counterparts will help the show or not.

But who knows, a slight change might bring in a more mature audience! If not, kids still love it and will continue to do so!

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