SRK ‘“ Best actor or Gay?

Okay, we aren’t calling the Baadshah of Bollywood homosexual or anything but apparently this is the hottest trending topic on Twitter currently! Don’t believe us? Go log on to your Twitter accounts now and for all those ‘non-twitterati’ population check out the screenshot below.


#SRKBestActorEver and #SRgayisWorstActor are trending on number 1 and 2 respectively showing that fans have once again stormed our Twitter timelines to show their love/hatred for the Superstar. Apparently Shahrukh’s latest flick ‘Chennai Express’ has grossed over Rs.400 crores breaking all records and taking this into consideration his fans are flaunting to all SRK haters on Twitter.

While we understand the sentiment and your love for your favourite actor but declaring a war of trends on Twitter is going too far. Where SRK fans are busy promoting SRK’s great acting skills his haters, on the other hand, are trying their best to insult the actor in numerous ways. And the list of haters include ‘Salman fans’, ‘Akki fans’ and people who just don’t like SRK without a reason.

 We don’t say that healthy competition between Bollywood actors isn’t good and fans can always take a stand on Twitter but making it a hue and cry to the extent that it becomes one of the most talked about topics is another level of fandom together. I wonder what SRK must be thinking looking at his Timeline filled with fans fighting against each other to prove his acting skills. Will he comment over this through his tweets or will this push him to go on another Twitter hiatus just like he went away after Ra.One’s failure? Whatever he decides surely his quote fits in perfectly here, “Love me or hate me but you can’t ignore me”!

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