Things to do before turning 25

Age may be just a number, but it’s a number we all swear by! Here are some things that you should do before turning 25.

It’s the number from where your quarter life crisis begins! You can legally drink and are a full fledged adult that the whole world looks up to. It’s the age where you’re pretty much settled in your job and generally know where your life is going. Here are some things that you should do before hitting this milestone.

Adrenaline rush:
If you fear water, go for scuba diving. If you fear heights, go parceling. If you are scared of something, make sure you have bravely faced those fears and made the best out of it. After all, a little bit of adrenaline rush is a must!

A road trip:
Whether it’s biking to Leh-Ladakh or a grand road trip covering every part of the country, a full on vacation is a must. It teaches you many valuable lessons, along with being one of the best moments of your life!

Pursuing your passion:
You may have landed a neat job with great perks, but it’s not your true passion. It’s necessary to do what you have always wanted to before life and responsibilities pull you in their direction.

Night of debauchery:
One night of debauchery will give you millions of tales to tell your grand kids about. Whether you like to drink or are simply a breezer person, one masti night is a must.

Best bud:
If in 25 years of your existence you haven’t made a best bud, you are an alien! There should be at least one such person who would be there for your through thick and thin.

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