Sonia Gandhi richer than Queen Elizabeth

Sonia Gandhi richer than Queen of England Elizabeth II. What is her source of income? As far as I can image, India is her source of income.

A latest report by Huffington Post World on the richest world leaders has placed United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi above Queen Elizabeth, Sultan of Oman, Prince of Monaco and Sheikh of Kuwait.

HuffPost World asserted it has collected a list of the 20 richest world leaders presently in power, on the basis of available data. The list comprises a mixture of kings, presidents, sultans and queens. Most are male (as the world’s political leaders tend to be, also).

HuffPost has computed Sonia Gandhi’s wealth at $2 billion, against India’s GDP per capita is USD 1,500, and positioned her at the twelfth position in the list of 20. The list includes kings, presidents, sultans and queens with most rich leaders amongst the top 20 originating from the Middle East region.

Amazingly, Queen of England Elizabeth II grades much lower than Gandhi in the list with riches worth USD 400 million to USD 500 million.

The report puts Russian President Vladimir Putin as on the top of the list with a wealth of USD 40 billion, followed by King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej with riches worth USD 30 billion.

The report does not evidently state how it has concluded the comparisons and financial values of the leaders.

As per the National Election Watch website of the Association for Democratic Rights, Sonia Gandhi has assets worth Rs.1.38 crore. She neither owns a car nor has a house in India. Then where is the whole wealth and what is her source of income? As far as I can image, India is her source of income.

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