Here Is A List Of Things Hotel Staff Doesn’t Want You To Know – No.5 Will Leave You SHOCKED!

Secrets Hotel Staff Hide

Secrets Hotel Staff Hide – You might get a best service in the hotel you stay, but there are some things that you’ll never know about hotel.

On Reddit, many hotel Staff shared about the things they hide from the guests and it’ll certainly leave you shocked. It is obvious that the below mentioned things doesn’t reveal about each and every hotel.

  1. Many hotels in Sweden: The glasses for toothbrushes are not always washed since the cleaners are in a hurry; often they are just held under the tap and rinsed.
  2. Bed bugs are more common than you think.
  3. Well my aunt used to be a maid and she said the grossest thing they would do that she was like WTF? Was:” Do you know the water glasses that are next to the ice chest? They never really take those back to a place to get washed. They just have a rag that they carry to wipe them out with”.
  4. They don’t wash the coverlets very often so I never let them touch my face.
  5. I worked in housekeeping in a 4 star hotel for three years, here are some of the things I seen. The coverlet was washed once a year, unless there was a visible stain on it. Most of the time it’s just sprayed with air freshener. The cloth used to clean the toilet was also used to wipe down the counter top in the bathroom and the bedrooms. Lipstick marks and stains on glasses also got wiped down with this cloth. Housekeeping was under a lot of pressure and had to clean rooms in a couple of minutes, corners where cut. They are also the lowest paid in the hotel. I’ve seen chefs and members of the kitchen staff come out of the toilet cubicle after taking a dump and go straight back to work without washing their hands.
  6. The large number of suicides and bodies pulled from hotel rooms is never published in the news.
  7. We don’t care what you’re doing unless it’s illegal or annoying. (On Point!)
  8. The quilt on the bed is not regularly cleaned.
  9. If a guest shits/pisses the bed, which happens more frequently than you’d imagine, the mattress gets turned over. Again and again. Not once in two years was I asked to clean one or organize for it to be cleaned or replaced.
  10. We never have enough towels.

Secrets Hotel Staff Hide – You can read all the answers here. But, before you read them, I would love to tell you that not every hotel provides the same kind of service. Some hotels are good and they clean the bed sheets etc on time.

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