10 Times Millionaire Instagram Kids Made Us Raise Question Of Humanity?

rich spoilt brats

The rich spoilt brats and…..

I am sure we all remember Richie Rich very well.

Remember how his house, floors, cars and even garden bushes were shaped like the dollar sign?

What more, his pet dog was also called Dollar. The rich are the blessed people. They have a lot of money at their disposal and they have the right to do anything, I repeat, anything with their money.

Well, here are a few kids who simply went over the top with their notes.

Let’s just say rich spoilt brats future is effectively doomed.

  1. Lend me some ice-cream money…

That’s not something unusual as we have all asked our parents for money. But the display of 100 dollar bills she has posted on her Snapchat account, surely looks like anything but just ice-cream money. I wonder what her kids will do.

rich spoilt brats

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