Noble Professions Are Not Noble Anymore

noble professions

Noble professions – Noble is something out of the league, someone who is visionary and capable to analyse both sides of the coin and can explain it to others.

One who is neutral and transparent, someone who does not have ill-feelings for others while meeting and greeting people. All these virtues make a man or any profession noble. If we see it in a professional way, one should never discriminate and pour thoughts to nurture a one-sided personality.

There are even many more things we can list but here we are talking about some noble professions which now has a different meaning-

Noble professions –

Noble professions – Teachers

Gone are the days when teachers used to be the most respected position in society because they are capable to mould the future of the country. But, now the scenario is different. Teachers don’t choose this profession because they want to be a part of this noble act, however, there are reasons like a comfortable job, timings, students are anyhow going to the tuition centres and there won’t be any pressure. Plus, the private institutes every now and then hike the fees and government schools have a different scenario of teachers who took no interest in shaping a child’s career. There are so many complaints nowadays opposing teachers especially during the last 2 years of school that they put pressure on the students, abuse them and the parents mentally. This is all because they want results at the time of boards exam and their promotion is at stake. Though there may exist some teachers who are still maintaining their job responsibilities well but we are listing the dark side of these professions. All of us might have heard any news about the same but these insights can only be told by the child itself because he/she is going through the trauma plus, the pressure of their bright future, college admissions and many more things in their personal life. If teachers could be a little support in a way, students can very well go through these days and excel in their life whether they are below average, average or the toppers. It is just the segregation based upon the tests not their personalities. Teachers should be the one counselling the students about the grade logic and if someone having 90% could take arts with proud if he/she has interest. But, no they are the one pushing high graders into science and pressurising guardians as well.

Noble professions – Doctors

They seem to be life protectors at the time of emergencies and yes they are but do you really what happens in the background? People are becoming aware nowadays of their greedy nature and thus proactively taking steps to avoid that. It is not about leaving scissors and towels into the abdomen while surgery but it is about making false and fake statements but they manipulate in a way that it looks real. Many times, doctors suggest patients to undergo surgery or operation but after taking the second opinion, you know it is not necessary. Now, people know that before any surgical treatment on your body, it is best to take advice and avoid that. But, how many know of it and those who do not feel trapped afterwards. Taking advantage of layman has just become their topmost priority and this is how these big hospitals, multispecialty clinics are running magnificently. Also, you will find many doctors who do not take any pain in explaining what happened to the patient and just start the medication. If I am the patient, I could not trust the medicines being fair to my body unless I know what it is. A basic knowledge of things in medicine is so important for every citizen so they can never be bluffed by them. Not just in medicine but for every profession. Awareness is reaching out to many and we hope it reaches every citizen for their own good.

Money fills these noble seats

Government have been so cruel and impatient with the fresh graduates. When it comes to employment, there seems a lot of but all in vain. Money fills the seat. When there are corrupts sitting in a noble seat, how could we imagine the function to be correct? The employment criteria seem to be jumbled up everywhere. I mean, why take a written test first and then the personal interview? Why not take personal interview first and then go on testing candidates according to their specialization? But, no! They only want to save their time and someone’s future go into a deep hole, they don’t care. People who really want to build a nation with a good vision take a backseat or even migrate to other countries and we blame them to leave their motherland and serve others. Employees are seeking comfort in government jobs and willingly pay the ransom amount to get into any position. Recently, there were thousands of B.tech holders applied for an MTS position. With this, you can easily analyze the situation and the future of newcomers going nowhere.

Unorganized systems

There are many other Noble professions like IAS, Judges, Scientists who are listed as noble but corruption seems to eat them all. And, now they are just doing their duty and follow the job responsibilities and these responsibilities are listed by an individual which vary from person to person. Almost all of these professions are unorganized and procrastination is the cause. A common man going to them for a single paperwork seems to get confused by the system. And, thus the fear of government remains and only middlemen can help you with. Same with the Police because they are the people we should never get afraid of bt we do. They are for our safety and not to harm the same. Even the police’ standard protocols are not followed by them and we are not aware of it therefore victimized due to our own unawareness.

Clearly Noble professions are not noble anymore and not even the part of it is left to be noble. and, the reason is us being silent over the nuisance that has been created for years. It is half of our responsibility to be aware, to follow the protocols, to know what’s going around and most importantly to as questions because the officials are bound to answer. If not, there are hundreds of other methods to ask for a valid reason for even a small step taken by him. We are glad that citizen is filing for RTI’s more than before and we want more of it to make the system transparent as much as possible.

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