7 Things About Sleep Paralysis That You May Not Know

Facts About Sleep Paralysis

Facts About Sleep Paralysis – In the middle of the night, when you temporarily feel the incapacity to move and speak while falling asleep and waking up, this whole scenario is known as “Sleep Paralysis”.

It is quite common and it can happen with almost each and every person. So, there’s nothing major to worry about. In order to describe sleep paralysis, it is always been said that “you’re either awake or you’re either completely asleep”. But, in reality, “the temporarily feeling of not moving” isn’t the only thing that people go through. Yes, there’s so much more than sleeping like a dead body.

I’m talking about other things that people experience during sleep paralysis. Yes, these facts about sleep paralysis will certainly blow your mind and it’ll give you some kinda relief as well.

Because, guess what, you’re not the ONLY ONE.

  1. Types of sleep paralysis

ISP – Isolated Sleep Paralysis is quite common and the best part about it is, a person who falls under this “ISP category” experiences sleep paralysis very rarely. They experience it especially once or twice in the whole life. Isn’t that great?

RISP – Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis is where a person experiences it many times. As if it’s a major part of sleep. In RISP, individuals are more likely to face this problem every week.

  1. It involves Hallucinations

During sleep paralysis, hallucinations occur when your eyes are open but still you’re unable to move or speak. It makes you feel like someone is present and is watching you. It’s like experiencing that a “ghost” is around you. Yes, it happens and you start feeling like someone is whispering or is behind you etc etc. You know, in short, you keep assuming things.

  1. More stress results into sleep paralysis

According to several researchers, when your mind is not stable and when you keep over-thinking about everything, it is more likely that you’ll face sleep paralysis. Also when you’re exhausted, things around you start changing.

  1. No physical harm is caused

Yep, even though you experience scary things around you, there has never been any report about deaths because of sleep paralysis. So, you can take it easy, and let it come and go.

  1. You feel a certain pressure on chest

I’ve been through this scene and I was literally scared to death. But, like I said, it comes and it goes. During sleep paralysis, many people feel as if there’s something heavy on their chest which is not letting the body parts to move. Overall, it is a natural occurrence.

  1. You feel as if you woke up from dead

Now, it happens when all of sudden you open your eyes and stay in the exact straight position without moving at all. The moment you keep thinking that you’re dying slowly, that’s the only time you wake up suddenly thinking as if you had a fight with your own death.

  1. You can beat sleep paralysis by coughing

Yes, if you’re someone who falls under the category of RISP, and you understand what’s happening with you, then you can beat it by coughing or mingling your toes. Doing so will help you move your body completely by getting you back in a normal situation.

These were the facts about sleep paralysis. Do you have anything to say (Sleep Paralysis Stories)? Let us know in the comment section below.

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