5 Things Akshay Kumar Would Die To Delete From His Past

Things Akshay Kumar Would Die To Delete

History can be deleted only if its in your browser.

Otherwise the past can never be corrected. Common people’s past is always under the wrap but celebs have a different story. Whatever they do is in news and has a record. What they say, wear or work, everything is on record. They cannot go back and delete it. However if they had to they would definitely must have done because who wants to keep embarrassing stories of the past.  

Akshay Kumar also is one such stars who has so many inspiring incidents but also some embarrassing moments.

Here are few instances things akshay kumar would die to delete. 

1) This definitely would scar anyone!
Celebs are needed for photoshoots and ad campaign, but there is always an assertive about what kind one should do, this photoshoot is really marking the history with a scar!
2) When romance gets out of hand!
We all know that they love each other, just cant keep their hands ti themselves, but being a subtle romantic is a mark of being classy, this is pure embarrassment on the part of both the parties! Atleast in reality playing with a pants zip on ramp walk is supposed to be.
Things Akshay Kumar Would Die To Delete
3) That chemistry!
Raveena’s and Akshay Kumar’s relation definitely had a chemistry, but that which was short and fizzled out very soon! Its not worth remembering even!
Things Akshay Kumar Would Die To Delete
4) They are happy on their own!
This once upon a time couple have moved on from peeping into each other’s lives, now they’re absolutely in love and happy in their married lives with their distinctive partners, its okay to fall out and just be in happy with yourself.
Things Akshay Kumar Would Die To Delete
5) That reminds us so much!
That hairy chest makes it look even more stressful to look at, a memory not to be mentioned ever again please!
Even as we omit and erase such memories, its what makes you and breaks that matters at the end, the world shall remember you by all of these and more!
Things Akshay Kumar Would Die To Delete
Let bygones be just that, bygones!
These are the things akshay kumar would die to delete from his past.

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