We Are Struggling With Serious National Issues, He Is Busy Hating Suck It A – Lick It A


The whole nation is burning!

Rapes, molestation, politics, corruption, farmer suicides and what not!

And to top it all, Sallu Bhai’s “Hit and Run” case is taking the nation by storm!

There is so much to talk and contemplate on, right?

But Mr. Raj ‘Shilpa Shetty” Kundra picked a rather offbeat topic to pour his views about! He chose sadda hero Shahrukh’s Frooti ad to spell disgust on and did so with elan!

Well, the new jingle of a mango drink Shah Rukh Khan endorses, is not quite sweet music to the ears of Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra.

The new ad-film for the product features an animated gimmick, with a toy-sized SRK joining other similar toy figures in gaping at a huge mango descending from the sky.

Kundra’s objection is with the background song that accompanies the visuals. It goes: “Aam suckita…lickita… enjoyita.” Shah Rukh himself makes an appearance right at the end of the ad-film, taking hold of a bottle and sipping into it.

While the ad-film does create a whacky mood for the product, Kundra has tweeted disgust. “This ad is disgusting! Kids copying and singing suck it lick it a. @iamsrk bhai how did u approve this script? Tasteless literally!” Kundra tweeted.

Shah Rukh has chosen to stay away from replying to Kundra’s comment as of now, but the superstar is known to clearly spell out his point of view on anything involving his image.

And lo and behold, after this episodic one sided war, Kundra started trending on Facebook! The last time he did, so was when he was accused of betting in the IPL. So this may have come as a welcome surprise. What a way man! What a way!!

Now going back to the ad, whatever the dirty picture department of your brain says, sucking and licking are perfectly sexual activities too, right? In fact, we suck on mangoes and lick our ice cream cones all the time. And children, below a certain age, only know that kind. The rest, who are of the age, which tells them that verbs have different meanings in different stages of life, won’t sing it aloud and embarrass anyone.

Also, the words are integral to the activity of eating. Like how does a good Bengali describe what do with a mutton bone filled with marrow, simmering in gravy? There’s no replacement for the words, ‘sucking it’ really!

By Kundra’s logic, the entire first half of the ad which lists the following activities – push it, pull it, hit it, move it, shoot it – could be passed off as the beginner’s guide to BDSM and put Rihanna and 50 Shades of Grey clubbed together to shame. But that’s hardly how children will see it, right?

Probably Kundra should taste a Frooti before saying the as “tasteless”!! Raj Kundra, take a chill pill!!

So let’s all calm down and suck on a Frooti and concentrate on bigger issues!

Arrey koyi akhbaar laana re!!

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