What Do You Know About Ancient Profession on Earth?

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Looking back beyond centuries when the human was alive. The professions for the livelihood had great importance. There were few professions from which in modern Earth evolves into many professions. The ancient profession on earth is of the Writer and sculpture. Apart from it doctors, drivers, farmers and the teachers follow with the changes in the lifestyles of the peoples.

The brilliant scholars and philosophers who are in memoirs for inventions and discoveries. Their thoughts, experiences are described in their writings which are in preserving even many years. Through the scripts and old books, it is possible for the people to know about the ancient world and civilizations. So, it can be a part of believes that writers are one of the oldest or ancient professions on earth.

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Scriptures  about the ancient profession on earth

Writers way of executing with the profession is changing from leaves to digitalization. But a writer who may have been a storyteller or a poet writing is still alive. Earlier during the ancient times from the inventions of the different kinds of scripts information are recorded. Informs of stories on the temple walls, leaves and also on historical buildings the main reason was to reveal about their existence. It is through the writings the present world can assume about the past.

Cave paintings are from the c. 50,000 – 30,000 BCE describes their daily life from the period of the Cro-Magnon Man. The writings from the Sumer, Southern Mesopotamia which describes the writings were from that this their period. The writing form was known as Cuneiform which later developed in hieroglyphics.

It was the beginning after which several improvements and changes took place with the ages. After which we now come to know about many writers who have given a concept of the past. Also, they inform doing the same in the present.

Writers a professional skill

Without the ability of good writing skills, it was impossible to make the holy sacred religious books. The Discovery of Zero would not have been possible for Aryabhatta. It was a time Greek writers have a great influence on the ancient profession. Aristotle’s discoveries would have remained unfolded in future if he would not have been a good writer.

Janes Austen, JK Rowling, James Joyce, Charles Dicken and many more are part of this ancient profession. People do still remember them as popular writers who introduce the past and connect with the present. Plays of Shakespeare are always reconnecting to the soul and while Rabindranath on the other side describes modern India.

Fiction writers, detective and thrillers, romantic and religious are the various sections the writer excels in. But only the way of expressions has changed with the tools. Carving on the stones, to using of inks, changing to pens to publications but then or now writers still exists.

Being one of the ancient professions on earth writers are present in each corner. Developing new inventions, thinking about discoveries or simply thinking about fiction stories.

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