Did You Know That Earth Is Stationary? This Saudi Cleric Justifies His Claim…And It’s Hilarious

Saudi cleric

Something unbelievable has happened!

Galileo’s corpse buried in the main body of the basilica experienced a hint of shudder; the middle finger from his right hand (which is on exhibition at the Museo Galileo) reportedly moved.

Yes, it happened! Naah, it’s figurative.

But this is a ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’ situation, as this recent hysterical assessment of earth’s rotation by a Saudi cleric would have had Galileo’s body roll over in his grave.

Al Arabiya, a Saudi-owned pan-Arab television news channel, reported the minister as claiming earth to be “stationary”.

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari was questioned by a student during a conference about whether the earth was moving or stationary. The cleric opted for the latter choice. His video has gone viral on different social media platforms, in the process receiving angry response from people.


As if this assertion was not already embarrassing, the cleric went on to justify his idea.

The initial subtitles to the video read as follows, “First of all, where are we now? We’re going to Sharjah Airport to travel to China by plane, [is that] clear? Focus with me, this is the Earth”.

He goes on to lift a sealed water cup and continues with his explanation, which is all the more ludicrous.

The cleric presents an imaginary picture of a plane stopping dead on its way to China while continuing rambling incessantly, obviously making no sense, “China would be coming towards it in case the Earth rotates in one direction. If the Earth rotates in the opposite direction, the plane would never reach China, because China is also rotating”.

Twitter followers immediately took to the social media using the hashtag #cleric_rejects_rotation_of_Earth.

If cleric Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari has five minutes to spare, this video might help him clear his conscience.

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