The Man Who Celebrates Life

Pravin Tulpule

Happy, the Clown aka Pravin Tulpule is one such face that someone will never forget in his life. Seeking happiness in every bit of life is what he thrives on.

A magic lesson at the age of 13, was somewhat a life changing experience for him which eventually changed the course of his living. Following the traditional form of profession, Pravin Tulpule  became a naval officer. But somewhere down the line, the magic lesson  remained with him.

Pravin Tulpule

It all started in the year 1999.  As a naval Officer, he was entertaining a crowd of children, who were suffering from Cancer. One of them was a boy who played and danced with him. All the children laughed out their pain, their grief. Ignorant of their grim reality, they enjoyed every second of the hour  that came as a precious gift of God. But as time waits for none, happiness even  does not lasts for long. Within a couple of days the boy was gone.

Pravin Tulpule

Happy says that many of his wishes must were left behind in the dark but he  unknowingly fulfilled one, which was to meet a Joker. This led Pravin Tulpule Happy to a life long journey where he left his Naval services 2 years before he could collect his pension and decided to walk on the path which is less travelled. He served the country for 17 long years and retired as lt. Commander Communications Specialist. Happy dedicated his life to spread happiness and began his journey to celebrate life.

Pravin Tulpule

An every year resource person of Anjali International Children festival,  Happy the Clown comes only to spread happiness. He travels all the way to Bhubaneswar from Mumbai just to spend time with the specially abled kids from across the world visiting the festival. Apart from this he also visits paediatric wards and orphanages across the country. By shuffling a pack of cards and performing some breathtaking tricks Happy can make any child roll out in laughter.

This festival has become an integral part of his life where he loves to meet these children. “ The  joy that I get from the kids visiting my workshop is something that I look for. There is no other  parallel for this. People  come here with passion. I  share a  very light moment with them and the happiness that I  get to see in their faces brings me joy. It gives me a satisfaction to see when some of them who are not even able to hear and talk are  smiling. When I go back I  have 10 more daughters and sons. What more do I need. It’s my sheer selfishness to come here. This selfishness is actually  the happiness that I get to see in their faces,” he said.

Happy tries to seek humour and moment in every work of life. Pravin Tulpule believes that there  is no point of being serious. Life is too short. So spread happiness. Calling himself India’s only clown magician, Pravin Tulpule even adds to fool us by believing it.


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