13 Portmanteau “Clever Internet Words” That You Must Definitely Know About!

Portmanteau Words

Portmanteau Words – What are portmanteau words? Portmanteau is something where there are two meanings packed up in one word.

Yep, you read it right.

To make it more clear, here’s an example of portmanteau words – Smog is a portmanteau word (Smoke and Fog). And, Motel is a portmanteau word (Motor and Hotel) Thus nowadays, similarly like the slangs, these combinations of two words has become quite popular on the internet.

Yeah, you might think that it’s so ridiculous, but let me tell you that while you keep thinking that these so-called mixing of two words is ridiculous; there are people out there who are using them as modern slangs. So, now you know that they are really “important” to know about, I think you must use ‘em while communicating with others.

You know; this scenario must not take place, where somebody is using these words and you’re standing there being totally clueless.

So, feed your vocabulary with these new words.


I came across this word recently, and then I thought that “wow, it’s so damn useful”. Textpectation include two words i.e. Text and Expectation. It means an “eagerness felt while waiting for a response”.


I guess that we all know this one word. I use this word when my friends are really tensed up about something and then I say “Chillax babe”. Chillax i.e. Chill and Relax is quite popular on internet these days.


Guys and girls who are highly ignored by their best-friends who are now dating, this is a term you must use for them. Hiberdating means a person who starts ignoring their friends once they get into a relationship.

  1. CRUNK

This is a word used to describe a person who is out of control when he is totally drunk. Crunk is a combination of two words i.e. Crazy and Drunk. So, I guess that the next time you see someone highly drunk then you can use this word “Oh man, he is totally crunk”. 😉


This word can be used to describe that one person who always comes up with an idiotic question. Askhole is a mixture of two words i.e. Ask and Asshole. I guess many people will need this word.

  1. DoppelBanger

Read again, it’s written “DoppelBanger and not Doppelganger”. Well, this word is extremely popular on the internet. It means a guy who has sex with a girl by pretending to be her BF.

  1. FUGLY

Yep, you guessed it right. Fugly is Fucking + Ugly. You can cleverly use this word to describe a person who is being Fugly all the time around you.


You know that moment when someone walks up to you and say “Hey, I need to talk to you”, and if you’re running late then you can just respond with “Yep, ping me, I’ll be evailable at 8-9 or whatever.

Evailable is electronic and available. It means you’ll be available online via electronic device.


Oh, this word is damn useful to describe the office scenario. You know, when during the lunch time your boss gives you work and then it really upsets you. Yep, this is the word. Hangry is a mixture of two words i.e. Hungry and Angry.


Cellfish is a person who is addicted to their Cellphone and is equally being selfish all the time. So, now you’ve a word for your friend who is continuously on the cell talking loudly and rudely.


I bet that this word will be trending one day a lot. Errorist is a person who always makes mistakes, and errors are like big part of his work. Errorist is a word i.e. Error and mistake.


Guess what? Now we have a word to describe a person who has beard and is weird. Yep, now you can look at your guy friends and say “Here comes the beirdo”. Hehe! Surely he is going to get confused but I’m quite sure he’ll end up loving this word.


Okay so, now if you have a text that reads “Where were you or what were you doing?” Just reply them “Oh, I was just internesting”. It means you were busy on the internet doing something interesting. 😉

So, do you have any portmanteau words to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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