The Experiences Of The people Who Touched Death Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!

people who touched death

People who touched death – If you ever wonder closely, your body is the outfit that your soul puts on for years.

A person is not his body, name, occupation, bank balance or status; it’s the souls which makes a person. After a person is no more the soul heads on to change its attire and gets itself a new body. But there is something which comes between the soul leaving a body and getting into another body. It’s the time Karma and its results play the main role. Some people don’t believe in the existence of heaven and hell as according to them everything which karma brings to them is while they are alive. I was one among these types of people before I came to know about the near-death experiences these people had. They have touched death and its aftermath, later returning back to their present bodies somehow.

Here are some of such people who touched death and their experiences recorded by some people that will surely change your perception about the concept of heaven and hell.

People who touched death –

  1. I was driving my way back home when lightning struck my car. I could feel a lot of pain in my body but suddenly everything came at peace. I could see my lifeless body as I was somehow floating out of it. There was a bright light which was pulling me closer to it and a voice which said that I needed to go back as this was not the correct time. I suddenly felt a jerk and my eyes opened to my burning hands in fire and a beating heart. 

  1. I fell on the floor with a thud as I started feeling breathless and immense pain in my heart had starting erupting. I was taken to the hospital unconscious. I felt two mean dragging me in a dark tunnel where I could hear nothing other than screams of people. I was terrified and asked those men to stop because I didn’t want to go any further. They jumped on me and started tearing my skin apart. I was scared but then I saw a bright light which made everything disappear. Those men, the tunnel, the screams, everything was gone. My eyes suddenly opened to ventilators and diagnosis machinery. 

people who touched death

  1. I had an accident and a loud noise was the last thing my ears heard. I could see my dead-body lying in the pool of blood. I was terrified at the sight. It was then that some people dressed in the whitest white came to me and held my hand. They said “Come with us”. I was made to stand in front of pretty pearl-door and everything seemed beautiful and peaceful beyond words. There was a voice which asked me if I want to stay here or go back. I wanted to stay was what I replied. Even after my denial the voice said, “You need to be there”. I could suddenly feel immense pain in my body and realized that I was actually back from the world I wanted to never come back from.

people who touched death

These are the people who touched death – These are 3 of the most mind-jolting experiences of near-death that happened with people. Some of them have even written books based on their near-death experiences. The laws of nature are mysterious and not everything has an answer. Some things  exist beyond our descriptions, experiences and memory.

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