Strangest Causes Of Death That’ll Leave You Stunned For Sure!

List Of Strange Deaths

List Of Strange Deaths – One day we all will die.

But “HOW” is the question and we still don’t know it’s answer. Well, whenever someone asks “how do you wish to die?” some say “I want to die in sleep, peacefully”, “some say “I don’t know how I’ll die but I only know that I’ll die one day.” The thing is, here are people who died in a weird and shocking way. Some committed suicide in a very dangerous way and it’ll leave you shocked.

I can hear you saying later, that “Nope, I don’t wish to die like this…”  So, stumbling upon Reddit, I found that some shared the strangest death they encountered in their LIFE. One has to admit that they are really strange.

Have a read – List Of Strange Deaths.

  1. I am a security officer at a local hospital with a major psych ward. I had to put a body of a psych patient in the morgue because he ripped off his dick and balls, gouged out his eyeballs and swallowed them thus suffocating himself. He did this all within five feet of the RN station and not making a sound.
  2. At the age of 19 saw a man cut down his arms and ripped the skin and tendons out of his arm causing him to bleed out.
  3. A heart attack caused by overexertion at the toilet.
  4. The child of our neighbor died because she fell asleep while breastfeeding her baby and her big boobs suffocated the baby.
  5. She was brutally murdered. He hit her in the head with a sledgehammer, cut her open to look at her organs, and then had sex with her body.
  6. There’s a guy who owned a small shop, he somehow fell into his septic tank and drowned.
  7. I knew a Doctor who was afflicted with a permanent case of the hiccups. She was dreadfully miserable. She couldn’t complete a single sentence without being interrupted by multiple hiccups. The constant hiccups were causing her to go blind somehow. One day she went for an operation to get a brain pacemaker installed in an effort to control the hiccups. It didn’t work out.
  8. A guy cut a girls head off that he was “in love with.” He proceeded to pose the body and take pictures of it after. I think that is pretty fucking
  9. Dude was fishing with some buddies and caught a small fish. Decided to swallow it whole on a dare. (Not sure if it was alive) Fish stuck in his throat in the upper esophagus, and its spines lodged it there like the barb on a fish hook. At the ER, they tried to get the fish out with a scope. Ripped the tail off and the rest of it stayed in place. Ended up having to open him up. He eventually died in the hospital of sepsis.
  10. Mentally ill guy in an institution believes he’s got supernatural power and would often balance himself in corners, on top of things etc. He tried to stand on his head on top his bed one day, fell, and hit the ground in a way that caused him to die, either by brain trauma or internal decapitation.
  11. A guy fell into an industrial meat grinder. It was shut off quickly but not quick enough. Of course, the family insisted on a viewing. Fortunately, most of the damage was below the neck.

This was all about the list of strange deaths. Do you have anything to add in the list? 

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