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Looking back into the reign of British India and its existence after they have left is stretched over in different parts of India. Pre-Independence built houses and structures are even present after passing over centuries. Shimla is one state that still shows the colonized areas of British India. While almost all streets and roads with British-built structures over decades, another iconic place is the scandal point.

The name itself describes something alarming which rises a concern to rethink about the place and reason for calling it a scandal point. Shimla’s scandal point is one of the busiest and iconic places due to its history related to the area.

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Why Scandal Point In Shimla?

British India has always dominated over the Indians. It can be a zamindar, Maharaja, or Nawabs all had to serve the English. No matter, the status of the Indians was high but they were not allowed to stand high in front of Britain.
Always were treated as slaves who were forced to follow the rules and regulations under the power of the English. If somehow they tried to revolt in one way or other they were punished or penalized to teach them a lesson.

The Sepoy Mutiny Revolt was in 1857, it is when the best establishments were in Shimla. It was during the time of 1800 when the Indians started to think about their rights and existence. Slowly from this period, people tried to show their dislikes and disagreements with Britain.

Historical elopement of the Indian Maharaja who was madly in love with a Britain Lady has been a reason for a scandal during that time. The Maharaja of Patiala dared to run away with the daughter of the Viceroy. They eloped from this place after which the point is known as the Scandal Point.

After eloping the Maharaja was banished to enter Shimla. It was not the end for the Indian lover who established his summer capital Chail. The place is now one of the popular tourist attractions.

Scandal Points and its attractions

The scandal point has been under the jurisdiction of Britain. The establishment at the Mall road is covered with the structures built during their time. It reminds them about their work, power, and administration.

Kali Bari has been established more than 100 years ago. It is a special attraction for the Bengalis who have started to establish their colonies in 1845. There is ancient work depicted on the walls of the temples, it is dedicated to Goddess Kali.

Another oldest structure is the Gaiety Theatre that was opened in 1887. One of the ancient theatres, not only in Shimla but all over India. Over years many actors and actresses have performed on the stage.

The Town hall is for the municipal official works of Shimla. It was designed by a Scottish Architect before World War 1. The design and aesthetics define the esteem of British India which remains intact after years.

Scandal Point has gained its name due to a scandal of elopement. Now it remains an attraction due to the ever-living structure from 1800.

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