Insider Story – These 6 Bolly Babes Look Absolutely Powerful While Smoking! Wanna Take A Glimpse?

Kangana Ranaut

Smoking is bad!

Smoking is unhealthy!

Smoking kills you slowly!

Smoking is a vice!

Yes, absolutely true. Nothing can be truer than this!

Yet, there is a colossal number of people in the world who are glued to this vice! Ask why?

Well, there are varied reasons for all. Stress, overworking and bad company being the prominent of all. While some indulge in smoking purely for style and flamboyance!

Our Bolly brigade is also not unscathed of the smoking monster and a hoard of them are wrapped in the wrath, including some women actors who happen to be A-listers of the industry. But, trust me, they all portray an extremely powerful persona while they take puffs on those little ciggies in their fingers, in private or in public appearances. Some of them have the nerves and they do not shy away in public, projecting a carefree demeanor.

Let us throw a candid look at these Bollywood babes who look absolutely smashing while smoking!

  1. Tanuja 

Mother of two damsels; Kajol and Tanisha, a fine actress of yesteryears and a powerful media persona to vouch by, Tanuja is the woman who stood up for herself and her daughters in all the situations. A utterly confident woman and a profound performer who showcased her talent in many Bollywood and Tollywood movies, Tanuja has shared public space many a times, with a cigarette n her hands, boldly!


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