Mysterious Things That Happen To You While You Are In Deep Sleep

Mysterious things that happen in sleep

Mysterious things that happen in sleep – Sleep, is a condition in which the body and mind relaxes with the nerves system relaxed, eyes closed and consciousnesssuspended. It is very important for the health of our body and brain.

Lucky are you, if you get a peaceful, undisturbed sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Unlike you, they are some who have disturbed sleep with something interfering them from getting good sleep. This is something which is actually to be thought of. People experience difficulty in falling asleep or getting a good sleep because of ‘sleep paralysis’; ‘sleep apnea’; ‘hallucinations’  and many other things of the sort.

Here, are some mysterious things that happen in sleep.

Mysterious things that happen in sleep –

  • Sleep paralysis:

In sleep paralysis, a condition prevails where a person suddenly wakes up from sleep and realises that their body is paralysed (unable to move). They get horrified with this condition. Some even feel the presence of someone or something with them in that room.And some say this state is said to be mischief of evil powers. This last for about serval seconds to minutes.

  • Hypnagogic hallucinations:

When a person falls asleep, he sometimes sees strange, weird and scary faces just in front of his eyes. Children often face this and this could be the reason of them not wanting to get into bed. These hallucinations could be caused due to imagination, stress.

  • Exploding head syndrome:

A person wakes up all of a sudden feeling like his head is exploding, or heard of some loud sounds or noise, flash of light. This is a type of ‘hypnagogic jerk’ and the reality is nothing of that sort had really happened.

  • Out-of-body-experience:

Theneuropsychological phenomenon, where in a person who is asleep can see himself from place outside his body. They are many scientifical studies that are being done on this subject. This state confirms the existence of soul.

  • Sudden enlightenment during sleep:

You might have experience this many a times. We may think of a solution for a problem or an issue but fail to reach one and keep on thinking of it. The brain sometimes gives us the hints for that solution.

  • Falling onto the bed:

We sometimes do feel of falling from somewhere from the top onto the bed, as a result of which we get flinched and wake up.

  • A dream within a dream:

The strangest would be when we dream of something and wake up, and to your surprise the same continues to happen.

  • Recurring dreams:

I am sure everyone has noticed connection between dreams few dreams repeat where they end. According to psychologists our brain repeats those dreams as it wants us to pay attention and notice which we dint notice in daily life.

These are the mysterious things that happen in sleep And so these are few of the things that happen when you are asleep.

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