The Price That You Pay For Being An Honest Person

Being an honest person

Being an honest person – Honesty is the best policy, they said. Many people took it to their hearts and instead bore the brunt of being ‘the honest one’.

I am one of those individuals, who are considers honesty as one of the primary driving forces.

I might be on board with concealing the truth, but lying is a thing of past for me. I have been labelled brutal and pitiless among many other adjectives. This, however, is just one of the many issues that honest people face. Below mentioned are a few others –

Being straightforward means speaking the truth regardless of how it might affect another person’s feelings. “Do I look fat?”…Umm, fat would be an understatement. Bam!

Being an honest person –


Honesty is one of the other reasons why your friends approach you with their dilemmas.

Be it their choice of dress, hairstyle or relationship, you are the first person they consult to seek an honest opinion.


People, who do not like you for being honest, keep away from you at all times.

You are not one of those persons, who talks behind someone’s back, but an individual who does not fear speaking their mind. Others hate that!


A committed relationship is not your forte. Chances are that you have experienced it the hard way because you were honest in your relationship, too. Breaking the honesty code is a strict no-no.


Even at workplace, you be your honest self. This makes it daunting for the others to work for you. Diplomacy is one of the key features in business, a skill that you do not possess.


You believe that falsehood becomes a part of your nature, if you lie even once. To you, lying once means saying a thousand more lies to keep something from being uncovered. Whenever people approach you to cover for them, you deny their request without second thoughts.


Making new friends or making a good first impression is a tough ask out of you. Your initial (not to mention, honest) conversations leave others dumbfounded, which makes it difficult for you to approach them again.


Nevertheless, despite all the problems you face with communicating, or lack of it, you are still proud of the attitude that you carry.


Being an honest person – No one can bring you down.

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