5 Clones Of Bigg Boss 7 In Bigg Boss 8!

We talk about casting of similar characters in Bigg Boss 8 as found in the previous season Bigg Boss 7. It is all on the predictable lines as far as characters are concerned. Only the format seems to have changed.

All the anticipation and suspense over the Bigg Boss season 8 is finally over!

But does it satisfy the expectation of a whole nation?

The show was launched last night with much fanfare by Salman Khan; however, does it have something new to offer in terms of entertainment or new characters or a brilliant new format?

Well, as far as entertainment is concerned, we will know once the show starts, the opening was quite dull, to say the least.

New format? Yes, there is a dilapidated aeroplane with rusted doors parked in the Bigg Boss house garden that looks straight out of a Ramsay horror flick.

So, it is new or may be old in new or whatever! Again, it will reveal its utility or uniqueness once the episodes start to roll in.

Now, about the characters, a big yawn!!! Really, there isn’t anything novel about the selection of candidates, the same kinds that are being selected in previous years have made it to the final list. Only the names and faces have changed, rest they fit the same criteria.

That’s why we selected 5 candidates who are like copy-cats or exact clones of the candidates which we saw in the previous season.

Let’s see who these clones are

1) Natasa Stankovic

This leggy lass from Serbia with knowledge of just a bit of Hindi seems to have been inspired by Elli Avram from Bigg Boss 7. She knows how to blush, how to impress Salman, make those sexy dance moves with perfect hip gyrations and well, she is a foreigner! What else is needed to become Salman’s favorite who has promptly even declared her to take Elli’s place! She even has the figure to boast of much similar to Elli’s! Perfect carbon copy, yeah?

2) Arya Babbar

This Punjab da puttar has been a flop Hindi film hero or a side-kick and is desperately trying to revive his career before old age catches up with him and he has to satisfy himself with doing chacha-mama roles. Sounds similar to someone? Yeah, you guessed it right! Armaan Kohli! Both are same in more ways than one. Both have famous last names due to the hard-work put in by their talented fathers which they are trying to en-cash to cover up the absence of talent in them. By the looks of it, even Arya seems to be short-tempered arrogant guy who lives in his own make-believe world, just like Armaan did. We are sure, as the season progresses, there will be many more similarities tumbling out of the closet! Keep watching!

3) Karishma Tanna

She is tall, a has-been TV actress, model and a wannabe film actress with one hit under her belt, Grand Masti. Despite that, her career has gone nowhere and she is here to showcase her sexy beauty to get some more film-roles or at least substantial work in TV. Ditto was the case for Gauhar Khan, right? Btw, Gauhar did showcase her charming skills with her strong-woman persona over a period of time so much so that she won the coveted title in the end! Does Karishma have those skills or…? Well, have to wait and see!

4) Gautam Gulati

This body builder stud has been part of a hit TV soap, Diya Aur Baati Hum for almost two years and is quite popular among women for his cute rugged looks as well as funny acting skills. Now, Kushal Tandon from the previous season had the same attributes except for being funny. He was a cry-baby! Still, he had great fan following, was a one-show wonder and had immediately joined Bigg Boss once his tele-soap went off air. In Gautam’s case, he left his show mid-way to be a part of this reality show! Got to see if he goes Kushal’s way or charts his own course and comes out successful!

5) Sushant Divgikar

Mr. Gay India 2014! Yes, he has won the prestigious title and looks every bit deserving! However, a gay character with funny traits and the confidence of bringing the house down with his multi-talent persona sounds boringly similar to VJ Andy a.k.a Anand Vijay Kumar from previous season. What is new about this fella? Sorry, we can’t point a finger to his uniqueness, not yet at least. May be over a period of time he might try to break away from clichéd image of gays and show something worthy or else he will be another one of ‘Me Too’ types!

This was our opinion about the show’s launch and the contestants. In case you have something to add, feel free! For now, enjoy the flight and see if it is any fun!

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