Ten Most Dangerous Female Criminals In The World!!

Most dangerous female criminals

Most dangerous female criminals – Think of cruel killing and other offence, men land up into the imagination doing all such activities.

But do you know that women also have their share in committing crimes too. You gotta believe me buddies.

Here are ten most dangerous female criminals the world has got. Check them out and you’ll be terrified.

Most dangerous female criminals –

  1. Diane Downs

This lady is regarded to be the worst mother ever. This dangerous woman tried killing all her three children. In an attempt she succeeded in killing one child and permanently hurting the rest two. And guess what this lady narrated the whole story in favour, saying it to be ‘carjacking.’ She continued playing safe by hurting herself and drove her children to a nearby hospital. The truth couldn’t be concealed for long, when the eye witnesses narrated the entire happening. She was put behind the bars for life sentence.

Most dangerous female criminals

  1. Genene Jones

Genene Jones was a paediatric nurse. And so naturally we assume that she took the best care of children. No, that dint happen in real. Her deed will scare you down your spine. She has terrible hurted a lot of children that were put under her care. It was estimated that about 50 children died in her supervision. This happened because she injected drugs like heparin into them.

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  1. Erna petri

Once when Petri was on her way back home from work, she found six children on the side of the road. She found that the children escaped from Sobibor extermination camp. She took them home, fed them heavily. She then took those children to the nearby woods and shot them all. Erna Petri was later convicted of murder and put behind the bars by German government.

Most dangerous female criminals

  1. Johanna Altvater

This lady targeted the Jewish children. Little children trusted her soon as she offered them sweet candies. Just then she shot them. In another incident, Altvater had been to a hospital that was filled with Jewish children. She threw one of them from the top on to the cement floor below.

Most dangerous female criminals

  1. Nannie Doss

She was known by many names of which ‘black widow’ described her the best. She had four husbands and killed them all. Not only that, she was also responsible for killing her two sisters, her two kids, her mother and mother-in-law.

Most dangerous female criminals

  1. Juana Barraza

A professional wrestler, that resorted to horrifying murdering of women above the age of 60 year and nothing less. She targeted the women that lived alone and struck them down to death. She was arrested and life sentenced.

Most dangerous female criminals

  1. Elizabeth Bathory

From the Kingdom of Hungary, she killed 650 people ruthlessly. This woman is known to bathe in the blood of the victims. She has recorded in The Guinness book of world record for her dark crimes.

Most dangerous female criminals

  1. Phoolan Devi

She was From Uttar Pradesh, India. She was well known for killing 21 men of high status. She was assassinated outside her home in Delhi.

Most dangerous female criminals

  1. Leonarda Cianciulli

The sickest woman criminal among the list. She was a loving mom of her son that was sent to the Italian Army. She was so desperate for the wellness of her son, that she started making sacrifices. HUMAN SACRIFICES. Adding to it she made soup of the victim’s body. She was arrested and died in the custody.

Most dangerous female criminals

  1. Dagmar Overbye

Being a nanny, she is known to kill children by torturing them ti death. She burnt alive the children to death. Overbye also killed her own child. She was caught and sentenced to death, but was later revised to life sentence alone.

Most dangerous female criminals

So, these were the Most dangerous female criminals in the world. Each of these criminals are well known for torturous ways of killing people, scary enough right?

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