5 Crimes By Indian Women That Will Give You Chill Down The Spine


It is very hard to digest women committing crimes.

The reality is something else no might how much ever we close our eyes. Today we have compiled about women criminals who not did petty but heinous and bestial crimes one could not even imagine in their worst nightmares. These perpetrators had either operated alone or with accomplice to resorted torture, brutality, murders and abuse of innocents.

These reasons behind these crimes by women are money, power, revenge and pure evil.

Let’s have a look at some horrifying crimes by Indian women :

Cyanide Mallika

This infamous female perpetrator is from Bangalore. She was accused of killing six women. Her modus operandi was bizarre just like the crime she committed. She used to target women who faced domestic issues who used to come to find solace by sharing their problems. After acquainting with them she used to rob their belongings and kill them by poison called Cyanide. She was later put behind the bars and was given death sentence in the year 2012.

cyanide mallika

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