Modi gains real publicity through fake video

Apart from the video, nothing is fake in this story.

If you wish to spread a news, tell a women. If you wish the news to spread faster, well…post it on social media.

One youtube video (happy to help! see video), posted by an apparent fan of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi using great actor Amitabh Bachchan’s voice from an old advertisement, has succeeded in increasing the fan following of both. Created with much pain (we guess so), the video shows Modi’s pictures at the right time coinciding with Bachchan’s words inducing the idea that the later is endorsing the future PM candidate.


Although the video has become a hit among Modi and Bachchan fans, nonetheless is a fake and illegal act.

The video appalled Big B so much so that he refuted being associated with it immediately on another social media platform- twitter. He put up the video (yes, he did) for the people to “see and condemn”.

While we do “condemn” the fact that some person has illegally interspersed an original voice over of Big B (from the famous Lead India Campaign by Times of India in 2007) with video clips showing Modi, we also cannot help and “see” how Big B introduced the less famous video to his followers and made it immediately a big hit. Now the video is well circulated among thousands of Modi and Bachchan fans on youtube, twitter, facebook and other social media platforms.

He may not be endorsing Modi as PM candidate openly, but Big B’s love for Modi is well known. (Why do you think he did ‘Khushbu Gujarat ki’ campaign and praised Modi wherever he may?) And the feeling is mutual. For we can see, Modi immediately tweeted in solidarity with Big B although the video was making him a hero.

The video may be a handiwork of an overenthusistic Modi fan. However, a mischief by Congress party cannot be ruled out with their cohorts in all fields to give a bad name to Modi. They too are scarred by his shadow. Latest in news is their accusation of BJP using paid professionals for spreading their half-truths and canards. We certainly know what they are referring to.
We have also seen media doing its dig on Modi, taking every small opportunity to create a mountain out of a molehill. We do remember how Times of India published that Modi Rambo story only to apologise after 21 days.

But we can also see Modi smiling and thanking Big B for the real publicity he got by a fake video.

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