Message to Tejpal: Karma is a B***#!

Tehelka is now doomed and so is Tejpal’s fate as the case against him has become air-tight due to his own attempts of cover up.

Yesterday was a defining day in the Tehelka sexual harassment case. The accused in this case, founder of Tehelka Tarun Tejpal, was denied anticipatory bail and arrested by the Goa Police who is investigating the case.

Tejpal was taken to Goa Medical College for a medical checkup after his arrest. He was then locked up in Panjim Police Station for the night at 2am.

Interestingly, his company for the night were two murder accused.

Tejpal had joined the investigations after summons to him floated around with Goa police which was in search of him. At the point when he was about to be called a ‘fugitive’, he appeared at Delhi airport to board a Goa bound flight.

Tejpal’s version of events had changed from what he had earlier admitted after an FIR in the case was filed by the Goa police taking suo motu cognizance of the case. Rather than speaking about the events, he shifted to statements which were only attempts to divert the attention of the people watching the news. He tried character assassination of the victim, called her version of events a “total lie”, went underground and tried to give the case a political colour too.

Alas! His own acceptance to the facts in the initial stages of the case rubbished his later defence.

However, his lawyers went ahead with a bail plea which tried to pivot victim’s character in the case to gain relief for Tejpal. The bail plea questioned victim’s character saying that she “partied all night and was present at all the events” which, according to them, would not be possible for a victim of sexual harassment after the trauma she would suffer. Needless to say that it was rejected by the court.

It should be noted that the same Tejpal had joined hand with deceased liquor baron Ponty Chaddha for opening a club which could have catered to “select urban Indians”. According to Indian Express, called ‘Prufrock’, the club, in Tejpal’s own words, aims to be “a vibrant cultural space, where a highly accomplished, eclectic community of select urban Indians can meet and engage in an atmosphere of great intimacy with eminent people who make and shape the world”.

“All this over fine drinks and exquisite cuisines created by a celebrity chef,” Tejpal said in an email invitation to prospective members.

Chadha had decided to invest in Prufrock in early 2012 after Tejpal made a business presentation on the concept of an exclusive private club. After his death in November 2012 in a shootout, his son Manpreet ‘Monty’ Chadha decided to honour all business commitments of his father.

Prufrock is to be located in the M-Block market of the upscale Greater Kailash-II area and the interior work of the club is in progress at present. It is a few buildings away from the Tehelka office and workers at the site said construction began in July and is expected to be completed in three months from now.

Such a shame that these revelations now have put Tejpal’s character and moral in the dock which overpowers his “victim was partying till late after the said incident” theory.

It is conclusive to say that Tehelka is now doomed and so is Tejpal’s fate as the case against him has been air-tight due to his own attempts of cover up while the matter was in its nascent stage. The bludgeoning anger and his “white lies” will only make it impossible for Tejpal to come out of it.

As they say, what you do comes back to you. Though, it was very quick in Tejpal’s case. What to say? Karma is a b****!

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