6 Types Of Roommates And How To Bravely Handle Them!

Types Of Roommates

“Types Of Roommates”

There are lucky ones who really get a roommate who is good enough and easy to hang out with. But on the other side, there are unlucky ones whose roommates are total pain in the ass.

In reality, when a person moves in with you, it is quite obvious that you don’t have any idea about “how that person is”. But as time passes, you spend time and realize the particular nature of that person.

If he or she is good then take a chill pill but if your roommate is a trouble-maker then hell yeah, it is time to fix that crack. Also note, if your partner is too good and you’re confused about how to deal with such sweetness, here is the tip.

Along with that, here are 6 types of roommates and tips to courageously handle ‘em.

  1. The Interfere

This takes place many times, once you spend “some good time” with your roommate; they think they’re like a “big part” of your life. In the wake of this, they start interfering in everything that you do which becomes really annoying.

Tip to deal: – If you’re talking about something and that person comes in and keeps asking you about it “again and again”, tell your roommate to calm down. Make him sit and ask “why the hell he has to poke his nose every-time”. Doing so will shut your roommates mouth.

  1. The Messier

Ugh…firstly, I don’t know if you fall into this category or not. Back-to-the-topic, messier one is someone who obviously keeps his side unclean and somehow throws his dirty clothes all across your side too. (Literally all the time)

Tip to deal: – Tell your messy roommate, don’t spread his clothes and other materials onto your side and also, keep his area clean because it looks dirty AF.

  1. Bundle of GOODNESS!!

Such roommates are people who make everybody confuse.

Their goodness is too much and sometimes it might make you question that “Are they really so damn good” or “Are they acting up that way”.

Tip to deal: – No matter what, if you’re confused in this matter; don’t go on spilling everything related to your life e.g. private stuffs. Because, who knows they might take advantage of you. Don’t take their sweetness too seriously and end every talk then and there itself.

  1. Party On Their Mind

Such people will always line up to enjoy and party with their friends. But that’s actually not the problem; the problem is when they always come up late at night and their unconsciousness kicks your butt.

Tip to deal: – Tell your roommate to stay at your friends place when he is too high. Tell your roommate about the “sleep that you actually miss” and stuff like that.

  1. The Welcomer

You know, a kind of person who always bring bunch of friends along with him and the worst is some of ‘em even stays up till late night.

Tip to deal: – Tell your roommate, stop bringing people in here because you need your alone time too.

  1. The Stealer

Oh NO! I hope you never come across such people but seriously, these people make it hard to leave the house. They pretty much steal everything (even your smallest items) is on their side.

Tip to deal: – Firstly, if you see your thing on their table, take it back instead of crying or gossiping over it. Even though they say “I need it”, tell your roommate “I need it badly” and end the discussion.

That’s all about the types of roommates from my side. Do you have anything to add? Leave a comment below.

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