India’s Daughter – Here’s Why The Govt. Should Lift The Ban!!

India's daughter

Ban on #IndiasDaughter sees nationwide protests. Leslee Udwin’s documentary on the Nirbhaya rape case called India’s Daughter was banned in India. It was uploaded by BBC on You Tube and very soon it was removed from there too.

To protest against the move by the Indian Govt. to ban this documentary, a village in Agra screened this film.

As per reports, Roop Dhanu village in Anwalkheda screened the documentary on International Women’s Day.

The documentary showed the brutal truth but we have a tendency to turn a blind eye towards reality.

While channels were busy debating on whether the film should have revealed the real name of Nirbhaya or were finding flaws with the documentary, NDTV stuck to the ethics of journalism.

For mere TRPs, it was quite disturbing to see the debates on whether this film should be banned or not. Here the film pointed the grave realities that needed much more attention.

Fast track case is pending since years, lawyers give their regressive remarks and let us not even go as far as discussing the statements of the rapists.

This is a harsh truth that the Govt. decided to ban as it would lead the public to question establishments.

NDTV went blank for an hour to protest this ban. From 9pm to 10pm it ran a blank screen with a diya and the name of the documentary – India’s Daughter written on it.

Rahul Kanwal of ‘Headlines Today’ tweeted this about the ban:

Finally, the Bar council of India issued notices to the lawyers defending the accused of the case.

So for all those shouting what good has this documentary done? Well it unmasked the faces of our educated lawyers who have such regressive thoughts. The notices were issued, following the documentary.

M.L. Sharma and A.K. Singh were issued notices for their flowery statements decorated with diamonds!

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