10 Hilarious Stories To Prove That A Spa In India Is Nothing But A Shady Malish Ghar!


This was a lazy Saturday afternoon when I decided to kill a few hefty bucks and visit a popular Spa, to get some over-hyped rejuvenation!

After all, we have to experience a Spa In India at least once in a lifetime, to be able to boast in the kitty parties or a drink session with friends, right?

So here I was, at this land of subtle glitz and under-toned glamour with shiny posters all around and a short skirt clad manager at the desk!

My brain lit up, suddenly! “Let’s have a story dude!” It said, and I had to oblige!

And then my inescapable charm worked its way to get these hilarious encounters from that model of the sorts girl manager, and it was a cake walk.

These 10 hilarious stories made my day 😛

Story – 1

“You see, we get all kinds of clients, some behave, some misbehave, some come with all different kinds of expectations, and some are really nice and mannered. ” She started.

“There is a particular yoga pose in which a person’s knees, chest and chin make contact with the surface, but not their abdomen. One of our regular clients actually holds this pose throughout a treatment. Many a times, our therapists have asked him to relax so that they can massage him. He might for a few minutes, but then promptly returns to the pose.”

Errrr… what exactly was he anticipating?

Story – 2

“There is an elderly gentleman who comes in regularly for a scrub and massage. He asks for extra disposable underwear and even takes it home.”

Well, really?  Is that a facility too? This can save me a lot of bucks!

Story – 3

“Some clients have very poor personal hygiene. Body odour is a common problem. A press person who had come to write about the spa had such a dirty scalp that the white pillow had turned dark brown by the end of the session.”

Yuccckkkk!! That was!

Story – 4

 “We had a regular client who would come in for a 60-minute session. No therapist wanted to tend to him a second time, so I asked a senior therapist what the matter was. She said he only wanted the area around his nipples massaged. We normally blacklist clients who misbehave, but he’s a well-known person, so it’s not that easy.”

Oooooohhh, hidden pleasures hmmm!! 😀

Story – 5

“Occasionally, we get clients who move their arms during a treatment, making it look accidental, but with the intent of touching the female therapist. She will warn them the first time and say that the manager will be called in if it happens again. If the client doesn’t listen, she can terminate the session.”

Well, well, they must be on some kind of imposed sex starvation!


Story – 6

 “We have had incidents involving male therapists as well. There was a regular female client who asked for a particular therapist, a young boy. She asked him to massage her breasts. He told her that wasn’t part of his job, but she insisted, so he obliged. During the session, she said she would give anything to have sex with him. When he told me about this, he was nearly in tears. And he quit the job.”

Women, you have other ways to get your ways, right? Why harass the poor Spa boy?

Story – 7

“We have men who make obscene requests as well, even CEOs of corporate companies. And once, a major Indian photographer asked for a ‘happy ending.”

Happy ending?? What is that supposed to mean?

Story – 8

“Few months ago, we had a client who started making noises as though he was aroused, during a session. The therapist told him he needed to stop or he would have to end the treatment. He stopped, but within a few minutes asked the therapist to step out of the room. When he asked why, he said he needed to pleasure himself.”

What the hell??

Story – 9

“There was a celebrity who came in late at night to the spa with a female friend and booked two separate sessions. He asked if he could be present in the treatment room while his friend was having a massage. We don’t allow this and told him that it wouldn’t be possible. But he insisted and the lady said she didn’t mind, so we honoured the request. During the session, he asked the therapist if they could both massage the lady, together. The session had to be terminated, and security was called in.”

That sure gets me aroused!

Story – 10

“Many people think a spa is a place for shady activities. There are very few who see this is as a noble profession, who come in with an open mind and have no ill intentions. Some people come in only for the chance to be touched by a woman. And there’s a lot of competition. There was this gentleman who came and requested certain special treatment which he must have got at some other Spa, without any hassle. There are plenty of standalone spas and massage parlours who allow all sorts of things to take place, because there is good money involved. But, this spoils the name of the industry. Hum jaise shareef Spa wale kahaan jaayein? Spa hai, koyi maalishghar thode hi na hai??”

And she ended her story at this serious not while I was trying hard not to laugh!

My Saturday afternoon was made!

What about yours? Heading to a Spa? 😛


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