Make A Difference To The Society By Doing These Simple Things

Make A Difference To The Society

We all crib whole day about poverty, illiteracy, women atrocities, hunger and what not.

All we do is complaint and complaint. Well, who do you expect to change things if none of you are contributing? No, the government cannot change everything alone if you are sitting at home and doing nothing for the society.

Now, you will ask how you can do that individually.

Here are some of the ways in which you can make a difference to the society:

How to make a difference to the society –

1. Never let ignore anything wrong going around you

If you see someone doing something wrong in front of you, instead of ignoring, take a stand against it. Whether you see someone spitting on the road, harassing a woman, abusing a poor child or even breaking any of the rules. If you speak up for it, everyone else will and it will lead to a better world where people care about each other.

2. Educate one child

How hard it would be for any one of us to get one homeless child in a government school? I am not even talking about some fancy education but getting him in that school where food, books and even uniform is for free. All it takes is an effort on your end and willingness from the other.

3. Feed the poor once a week

I know it’s hard to give money to every beggar you see on the signal because even you are in doubts whether it is for real or not. Instead of that, go to any signal or a temple once a week with food and distribute it amongst the poor. If all of us take one day of every week, no one will ever sleep hungry on the road.

4. Tell our guys to never hear anything wrong about a girl

I am sure that you are giving a good brought up to your child and he respects all the women around him but you need to teach him something more. Tell him that he respecting women is a great thing but at the same time, if his fellow friend says any disrespectful thing about a woman in front of him, he must correct him and tell him how wrong it is. This way you all will contribute to better mindset of boys in the society.

5. Don’t buy more than you need

I am sure you have a lot of money and you can spend it on buying whatever you want but that doesn’t mean you will buy things that you won’t even use. For example, at a restaurant if you buy more than you eat, then either give it to someone in need or just buy what you can have. Always remember, the world is hungry out there and we cannot waste just because we have money.

These are the ways you can make a difference to the society. If we all can do all these 5 things together then I can guarantee this world will be a much better place for us and our coming generations. After all, we need to clean our own house and make it worth living, right?

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