10 Sonu Nigam Indipop Songs That Still Define True Love in This Age of Binge-dating

Sonu Nigam Indipop songs – We have a deep-seated wonderment towards Sonu Nigam songs that gave us constant emotional support when we half-strode, half-stumbled in relationships of tender years.

Arijit Singh can be the rightful replacement of Sonu Nigam today but Sonu still holds the throne.

His songs, soul stirring voice gave us butterflies and helped us pivot into a whole new meaning of love. In the 90s, Sonu’s indipop numbers always topped the chart for equitable reasons and here are some songs that remained with us.

We sometimes keep aside Cold Play and Ed Sheeran to go back to the warmth of Sonu Nigam in lonesome evenings and here are those:

Sonu Nigam Indipop songs –

1 – Diwana Tera:

This song defines love is transcendental. It goes butt heads with the idea that time will heal your pain, time will only accustom you to live with the pain, but the passion will burn your heart always. When you find out who your heart belongs to, there is no turning back.

2 – Tu Kab Ye Janegi:

The girl you have always dreamt of coochie-cooing is right in front of you giving you cold shoulder. What would you do? Well, draw cue from Sonu here.

3 – Ab Mujhe Raat Din:

‘Kya Kahoon pyaar mei, diwano jaisa haal hai’ that speaks volumes. When she asks how many times you miss me in a day? You simply wonder, has she ever left your mind?

4 – Is Kadar Pyar Hai:

Well, if nothing can quantify your love for her, this song is your go-to.

5 – Deewane Hoke Hum:

You dream of her all the same, asleep or awake and can’t wait to meet her, cuddle her. You two are tempestuous lovers who are meant to be each other’s.

6 – Chanda Ki Doli Mei:

She seems like a fairy that descended in the moon’s carriage. She makes your World light up and she is the one!

7 – Dil se Dil Tak Baat Panhuchi:

Love has a different language of its own. You need not verbally converse; heart will find a connection that is meant to stay forever.

8 – Yeh Pehli Mulakat Ki:

The first meeting is always special. It feels like your feet walked upon the earth, water and wind only to see her smile.

10 – Kaun Hai Wo Ladki:

That girl crossed your path and changed your whole direction; you watched her in awe and knew you are bowled over already.

These are Sonu Nigam Indipop songs  – These songs will always top our charts, come what may!

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