Lord Jesus’s Tomb Recovered? Was He A Mere Mortal? What About The Resurrection Theory?


Apparently, the Da Vinci Code written by Dan Brown was somewhat real!

It claimed that Lord Jesus had a lineage and according to latest findings, it might turn out to be true.

That is, unless facts are proven to be true!

A tomb found long ago in Jerusalem seems to hint the unthinkable. Most people who follow Christianity know and believe that Jesus never birthed a child and never died, he resurrected himself and became a God.

garden-tomb Jerusalem

This tomb has some inscriptions on its ossuaries that hint at something else…


  • While this may have links to some other Jesus of history, but historians believe that a tomb initially excavated in Talpiot in the year 1980 contains bone boxes (ossuaries) that have the names of Jesus’ family members and this ‘Jesus’ might well be the holy Jesus of Nazareth we all worship as the supreme lord.
  • Another ossuary with a phrase, “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” is what has reignited the controversy over Jesus’s family members’ bones.
  • These bones are being directly linked to the tomb in Talpiot, Israel where many historians over the years have believed that Jesus’s family members are buried according to various chemical analysis conducted by them.
  • Aryeh Shimron, the geologist who is the head of this study, now claims that it is highly unlikely that this group of names resembling the ones in the Bible can be found altogether anywhere in the world, they might well be part of Lord Jesus’s family and this tomb was the one that might have been the one from where Jesus might have been resurrected after deathby crucifixion.
  • According to history, Jesus’s birth is calculated at some time before 4 B.C. at a small village in Galilee called Nazareth, hence the name ‘Jesus of Nazareth’.
  • If this proves out to be true, then the Talpiot Tomb (Jesus Family Tomb) might actually be the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth according to many geologists who have studies Israel’s archaeological sites over the years.

Why is this so ground-breaking? The bible does mention a tomb! Is this even true?

  • This new finding can shake up Christianity on one premise – that Jesus was physically resurrected and he rose bodily towards heaven after his crucifixion. That, is when he became a true God.
  • A lot of historians have despised this claim since a lot of ossuaries inside the Talpiot tomb have names that don’t match entirely with Lord Jesus’s family members’ names.
  • The current research has yet not been published in any peer-reviewed journals, so it is yet to be scrutinized thoroughly before being claimed true. Skeptics are what skeptics do… they fixate on a claim and try calling it true.

A Little Background About The Life Of Lord Jesus and his family

  • During the time of Jesus, the people who died were buried in shrouds and once the flesh had rotted, the bones were collected and neatly placed into limestone boxes called ossuaries as safeguarding the remains of loved and revered ones.
  • In 2002, one of these ossuaries made headlines when someone translated the Aramaic text to be “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.” It is currently labelled as the only surviving relic from the time of Lord Jesus. This ossuary is called the James ossuary and was held by a private collector.
  • Israel’s Antiquities Authority had refuted in 2003 that this ‘brother of Jesus’ was actually forged. But, after some time an Israeli Judge cleared Oded Golan (the private collector) of any charges of fraud or forgery and deemed this ossuary to be genuine since Golan showed a picture of this ossuary clicked in 1976, many years before this ossuary was made public.

Why This Might Be Fake?

  • The tomb in question was excavated in 1980, but the ossuary is in possession of the collector since 1976.
  • Another tomb in Talpiot has boxes buried in rendzina soil bearing names of Jesus, Judah, Mary, Joseph and Yose. What are they then?

Why this might be true?

  • DNA samples were never studied thoroughly since they were reburied right after excavation since Jewish law forbids any tampering with Jewish burials.
  • Analysts do claim that chemical signatures of the James ossuary and Talpiot bone boxes do match, but they have yet not been verified.
  • An earthquake in 363 AD had buried this tomb in a flood. Since the soil matches the samples match the ones from Talpiot with James Ossuary. So, maybe the James Ossuary did come from the Talpiot tomb.
  • Maybe, Joseph of Arimathea did initially bury Jesus in an empty tomb and later relocated his remains to his family’s grave.


  • It is too early for anyone to decide the proclivity of this claim and speculation does not work in either science or religion. Yes, the names are similar to the people in Jesus’s family but many historians believe that the entire case does not hold up since these names were very common at those times.
  • Also, these claims do not have any historical backing, the claim of “Judah, son of Jesus.” Is still under research. No evidence has ever been so true to actually claim that Jesus ever had a son.

Since the facts are yet to be unearthed, the situation comes to a standstill, the claim that, ‘Jesus rose bodily from the dead and ascended to heaven after he was crucified and returned to walk on Earth’ might remain unanswered for ages to come until historians and geologists come up with something new!


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