5 Immediate Cures For Stomach Upset At Home

Cures for stomach upset

Cures for stomach upset – Stomach upset is caused by indiscriminate eating or food poisoning. There are more reasons why one gets struck by stomach upset. Along comes nausea and headache which is a really taxing experience. There are times when blood may also come out with the vomit coupled with aggravating stomach pain which denotes the chances of severe gastritis. Bleeding is likely to occur when the inflammation damages the underlying artery of your stomach. In medical terms, indigestion is called Dyspesia which is likely to give you heartburn and bloated stomach coupled with belching, black stools or loss of appetite.

Here are some home remedies to immediately cure your nauseating feeling and stop the blood vomit before you seek medical help:

Cures for stomach upset –

  • Mix club soda with ginger ale, you may also add five or six drops of cocktail bitters in it and drink it for faster relief.
  • Ginger has a magical quality to cure everything related to Dyspesia ranging from pain to nausea. Ginger is highly effective treatment for stomach upset because of its anti-inflammatory properties. You can drink ginger tea or chew ginger strands for faster relief.
  • Apple cider vinegar has properties to calm down the inflammation and kill the harmful bacteria in the glut that might have caused the health hazard. Take a cup of water and make two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar there and drink if for fast relief.
  • Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties too. It helps your stomach muscles relax and put a pause on cramping and spasms.
  • In the same manner as the Chamomile tea, brew a cup of peppermint or spearmint tea and drink it. You can sniff the peppermint extracts also for feeling better after the vomit. Then there are minty candies available in the market which you can suck on for a lingeringly soothing effect in your mouth.

Cures for stomach upset – These are the immediate remedies for curing your indigestion at home. But excessive vomiting can cause dehydration so we urge you to seek medical help at once then.

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