Find Out Swami Madhu Sudan Ji’s “Adhyatm Yoga Mission” And How It’s HELPFUL!

Adhyatm Yoga Mission

Adhyatm Yoga Mission – “Adhyatm Yoga Mission” was established in the year 1991, yet there are not many who are unaware about it. Who invented it, you ask? Well, it was established by Swami Madhu Sudan Ji as he was inspired by his Sadguru, the great Saint Kula Nand Bramchari Ji.

What exactly is “Adhyatm Yoga Mission?” Firstly, let me add that the world has no independent exists. It exists because Brahman or Absolute exits forever. This mission says that it’s important to know ourselves BEFORE we connect to God. It says that without the knowledge of one’s self, it is clearly impossible to connect with God. The unimaginable God certainly cannot be known to us IF we don’t know the knowledge that we, humans holds within. Most importantly, this mission speaks that it’s important not to live with an ego. With an ego, nobody can have a relationship with God. But thus, one that has the right knowledge of Formless God i.e. the unimaginable God can easily devote himself. By having a knowledge, it becomes easy to connect and the peaceful happenings that one experiences later results into connecting with God. It’s all about surrendering completely to God and only then one can experience that He exists.

This mission strongly believes in establishing universal brotherhood in society so that one realizes the powers and creations of God by leading a virtuous LIFE.

Adhyatm Yoga Mission

FOUR WAYS: Adhyatm Yoga Mission includes 4 ways of God’s realization i.e. Knowledge Of God.

  1. Karma-Yoga

This yoga is mainly for assiduous people. Assiduous are people who are careful, methodical and persistent in nature. Karma Yoga leads to doing selfless service without expecting anything return.

  1. Bhakti-Yoga

This yoga is for people who are devotional in nature i.e. they worship God. It is done as a path of self-realization.

Bhakti yoga leads to devotion.

  1. Raj-Yoga

It is for esoteric people i.e. people who are most likely to be understood by a small group of people having similar interests.

It leads to self-discipline.

  1. Jnan-Yoga

It is for the ones equipped with the faculty of discrimination. Other than that; it leads to prudence i.e. one who needs to be careful while taking decisions to do things.

Whatever you do, whatever you eat or whatever you give, do it entirely as an offer to God. Live in peace, and let go your egoism. Most importantly, serve God and only then you’ll be able to FIND the peace that you’re desperate to have. Have Faith in yourself and make sure to meditate on a daily basis. Speak the truth and stop lying. Kill your FEARS and most importantly, your ANGER.

Practically, Yoga is a way of life and it comes in many forms. Adhyatm Yoga Mission is one of it and it appreciates the basic principles of all the virtual values. This mission is not created to drag any religious or hurt anyone’s sentiments, but it’s just a pure form of connecting with God by experiencing peace.

It strongly believes in leading people towards light, love, strength, peace, self-confidence. It makes sure to take a person, no matter what religion he/she shares, from out of the weakness, darkness and any negative thoughts.

This mission also entirely focuses on the 3 types of impurities i.e. Mal (impurities of body and organs), Vikshep (attachment relating in wandering of mind) and Avaran (ego in intellect)

To get closer and understand the knowledge Of God, one has to understand these principles to lead a peaceful Godly LIFE.

  1. Unfailing adherence to “Yogah Karmsu Kaushalam.”
  2. Freedom from the ego. (It is a must-thing. One should not have any ego in heart and should be capable of knowing one-self)
  3. To shun the burden of ego on account of body, richness as these are just the gifts given by our God.
  4. Discrimination shouldn’t be practiced.

Now, you must’ve got an idea about what exactly the mission is all about. To make it clearer, it is all about establishing unity and universal brotherhood. God is one and it can be realized with the grace of Sadguru in body and form.

This was all about ” Adhyatm Yoga Mission “.

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