How To Adapt To College Education And Be A Topper While Having Fun


New sessions have started and all the colleges are bustling afresh with new students, fresh energy and lots of fun.

Students who have worked hard so hard to get through these gates often miss out on the fun part because of the pressure of studies.

While there are also a bunch who miss out on studies to be a part of the happening college life and to take every adventure and experience that their school life could not offer. Amongst all this, students either sacrifice their studies or their enjoyment quota, and what follows, is worse- cranky parents or stressed/depressed youth.

In this fast moving world, we cannot afford to drop back on studies and the fast paced lifestyle also requires us to be social and outgoing.

Here are some tips for students to adapt to college education and be a topper while having fun-

  1. Manage Your Time

The most important element here is time management. You will need to excel the art of juggling studies and friends. Divide days of the week- Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, Fridays for studies and Wednesdays and weekends for outings. You can also manage by devoting the time early morning (of course that sleep you love the most will be sacrificed!!) or maybe late night (oh no, my on call time!). You should also be smart at managing your time. Utilise days when you don’t have plans with friends to finish off your work in advance so that you can spare out an extra day when needed.

  1. Group Studies

Yes, your very own Dadi Maa ka Nuskhaa for taking permission for a night out, can actually be fun. Call up your friends for a sleep over and finish that chapter you have been stuck on together. Spending some time on studies won’t spoil your night, but will rather boost you to have more fun.

  1. Participate

Take part in quizzes and other curriculum related activities, debates or competitions. These, apart from helping you in your studies, will also make you popular and help you stand out in the crowd. You can interact with more people and break ice. This will also give you an opportunity to make new friends.

  1. Drive Your Group Together

Take initiative and persuade your friends too to take part in group activities. Make a group with your friends and participate in various competitions, organise events or do projects. These group activities will give you a reason to spend more time with your friends along with doing your work. The urge to win and stand out will bind your group together!!

  1. Explore Together

Explore this new world that you have stepped in together with your friends. Motivate your friends to visit the library with you. You can take coachings together with your friends or maybe you can give coachings to your friends. When you have your friends around, it does not matter what you do, you just have fun.

We all have always wondered how that topper of our class always manages to be at every event and have so many friends.

Well, it takes a lot of effort and smart management and eventually you will start taking pleasure in multi-tasking and being a hero at every step.

So go out there and have fun and still be a topper!!

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