These People Described What Was LIFE Like Before The Internet Invention!

Life Before Internet Invention

Life Before Internet Invention

Have you ever wondered what LIFE was like before the internet invention? Nowadays, we can never leave home without cell-phone and everything that we need is all about a simple touch, right? But, think about how your parents lived their life when internet was not that popular or wasn’t even invented during their time.

I know that it’s kinda scary to think LIFE without Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but think about how our parents survived it.

Recently, Redditors who grew up before the invention of Internet shared their piece of story when Internet was not a big deal.

Here’s what they said – Life Before Internet Invention :

  1. Information took effort to find, usually at a public library. Friends were not easily contacted; cell phones weren’t common until the late 90’s. Entertainment usually required planning ahead.
  1. Numbers were either memorised or written in the phone-book.
  1. Parents spent large amounts of money on encyclopedia sets. We had a second hand set of World Book that you used to research school papers.
  2. We would have huge paper maps in the car and would need to take them out to find street locations. It was mental. You’d only be able to tell your bank balance by looking at your bank book transactions. TV was what the internet is now. Everything focused on TV and movies. There were pay phones everywhere, and answering machines were important.
  3. More bicycles. More playing outside. More climbing trees. More reading books. More random meeting up in the streets.
    More encyclopedias. More relying on TV/newspapers to find out what was happening in the world. More “local” trends.
  4. We had to go to the library for school project research. We actually had to flip through books to find what we needed, then stand in line to get the info copied, then go home and type/write our project.
  5. Well there was never a rush to hear back from someone if you called. You could leave a message and when the person called back a day or two later it was noting. You could literally go out and do stuff without people trying to communicate with you. Kids could go out and not be expected to be reached till they got to their destination.
  6. When I told an apprentice at work my age the first thing he said was “So your from back when porn was hard to get.”
  7. You never heard the phrases: “Just Google it”, “Text me”, “Spoiler alert“, and the Hashtag used to just be a pound sign.
  8. I and my friends spent a lot of my time outside exploring woods, dilapidated buildings, walks along rivers, playing football. And if you had to find any information for school work, you had to read books. Wish I had all the information at my finger tips like today’s kids.

This  was all about ” Life Before Internet Invention “. Ask your parents about it too.

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