10 LGBTQ People Reveal Why They Hide About Their Sexuality To Everyone Including Family!

LGBTQ People

LGBTQ People – It’s never that easy and simple for the LGBTQ individuals to come out.

Many thoughts and views prevent them to open up about their sexuality. Here are few confessions on whisper that why they never revealed their sexual orientation to the world.

LGBTQ People –

  1. No one will support you

“My parents are against LGBTQ individuals. So, I being a lesbian will never be able to tell them about this.”

  1. Do not want to lose your close ones

I know that my family and friends will never talk to me again and the fear of losing them never allowed me to come out.”

  1. Conservative belief

“At 14, I knew I was a lesbian. But still I cannot tell this to my parents because I come from a conservative family and they will not keep any contact with me.”

  1. Worried about the laws

“I cannot talkabout my sexuality, because being la part of LGBTQ community is illegal where my parents stay and then I would not be able to stay with them.”

  1. You are teased

“The thought of getting teased by everyone, when you reveal your sexuality to them is very embarrassing. Hence I never came out. ”

  1. Fear of rejection

“My family will not support me, because my sister told her parents that she is a lesbian and they threw her away from her home.”

  1. No one will take you seriously

“I just realised that I am gay, but I do not know what to do, because I have a feeling that no one will believe me.”

  1. People do not know about it

Some people are only aware of gays and lesbians and hardly know what bisexuality is. This is the reason why being a bisexual, I never came out.

  1. They assume things easily

“Even after being a lesbian, I date guys. I will never come out with it because people are judgemental and they make assumptions easily.”

  1. Life can be at risk

“I fear that someone will hurt or kill me if they get to know that I am bisexual. I cannot come out as I do not want to die.”

For few LGBTQ People, it has been that from a young age they feel attracted to the same sex or both. For few, it might have been after the age of 24 or 25. But yes it really becomes very difficult to come out with it and let the world know about it.

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