These Everyday Activities Are Damaging Your Spine And You Never Realised

everyday activities

Everyday activities – Spine is the backbone of our body, that keeps everything together.

They are many people that get back pain due to performance of different daily activities. Don’t take me wrong, doing things will never lead you to pain but doing them in a wrong manner would definitely do so.

Here, are some everyday activities when done in an wrong manner will definitely damage your spine. Check them out here and take care of doing them just right.

I know you must be wanting to know more.

Everyday activities –

  1. Washing utensils

When you wash the utensils, you tend to stand in a  half bent position with strained arms. This could hurt the thoracic section and cause pain between the shoulder blades.

Tip: To avoid this, place a stool or a support under the knee as it lowers the pressure.

  1. Carrying bags from super market

We all often feel it simple to carry one single bag from the supermarket with the super heavy groceries and damn care about its weight and its effect on the spine. Keep your spine safe.

Tip:  This is something that could really hurt your spine badly. Instead divide the one heavy bag into two and carry them with both your hands.

everyday activities

  1. Lacing up your shoe laces

We tie our shoes laces by bending forward. This could do great harm to your intervertebral disc, as all the nutritions are lost leaving the spine flatten.

Tip:  This can be avoided bytying the lace in a sitting position.

everyday activities

  1. Brushing your teeth

We brush our teeth by standing which could leave a great pressure on the back and damage the spine badly.

Tip: To avoid this brush your teeth by leaning on your back against a wall in your washroom and happily brush 😉

everyday activities

  1. Washing the floor

Floor of our homes are generally cleaned all by hand or with a cloth. This is absolutely dangerous to your spine.

Tip: Instead use a mop stick to get the floor clean which would even not let your back strained in pain.

everyday activities

These are some really common everyday activities when done wrongly could damage the health spine and leaving a bad look of posture to the body. Take care that you don’t do them wrong and hurt your spine. Hope this could really help you guys. Take care buddies.

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