5 Genuine Reasons Why YOU Must Stop Labeling People!

Labelling People

Labelling People – It’s high time that we stop labelling people with words like Slut, Retard, Faggot, Asshole, and Stupid etc.

You know, I used to label people and I had to stop when somebody threw the same rock at me. That was my realisation of how people feel when they are being labelled and bullied. It really made me sad and thus I decided to quit labelling people. I’m pretty sure that you might’ve done the labelling thing too. Seriously, I think that you must stop doing it.

Labelling people never really shows how strong you are, but it proves that you’re an actual asshole. Now, I’m not labelling you but it goes that way. So, all I’m saying is, we need to stop labelling people on the basis of their appearance and mental and physicality.

Also, I hope that these genuine reasons that I’ve mentioned below will help you figure out the “why” in detail.

  1. You don’t know their story

Even though you spend like 2 hours a week with ‘em, the truth is you really don’t know them. In reality, what happens is, once somebody sees someone doing a mistake, he is being labelled about it. And then the teasing etc etc starts. Understand, we all do mistakes and we all fall. So, do not act smart and do not label them saying “Faulty”, ‘cause of their mistake.

  1. You don’t know their pain

Just because a person loves sitting all alone, without people around them doesn’t mean that he/she is a hater. I mean, it’s just a simple thing that a person love spending time all alone. Even though you say that “Hey hater, I can see the pain that you’re going through”, the thing is you don’t know about it. So, leave them until they talk to you but please don’t name their silence with a label.

  1. Your words encourages them to kill themselves

You know, when you label somebody as “Crazy” or “Fake”, it indirectly encourages them to do something with their presence. You know, it’s like you motivate them to take a wrong turn. Some people are so damn weak that they start believing you and then they take a major step.

You don’t want to be blamed, right?

  1. They are HUMAN BEINGS

Who are you? A human being, right? What do you think they are? Human being? Yes, they are, just like you. So why distinguish them in boxes like “Gay, faggot, liar, shit-head” etc the words that go on and on. So, before you spit shit out of your mouth, understand that they’re humans.

  1. You create a world of Judgement

It all starts with YOU. Yes, so stop judging them, because once you start it, others will do the same and thus it’ll keep on going. So, stop creating something where you don’t want to belong either. Remember- If you judge others, there are people behind you who’ll do the same thing with you. So, be smart and act it.

This was all about why you must stop labelling people around you. Any thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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