Bappa wants you to be kind, not loud!

Why do they play item songs for Bappa? Beats you too, eh?



‘Daaru Ko Bottle Khol, O Re Anadai Sharaabi…’

No, dear readers, I am not hungover or insane. This is what my ‘galli’ ke Ganpati is listening to while being taken for visrajan. What’s the thought behind playing this item song for Bappa? Beats you too, eh?


Agreed that people want to show their love and devotion to the elephant god by dancing, singing and merrymaking. But why play cheesy Bollywood songs that have nothing whatsoever to do with the elephant god? Wouldn’t the god be twisting on his chariot when listening to ‘Har Ek Friend Kameena Hota Hai’ and ‘Daaru Desi’? And what’s with the noise levels, guys? He is GOD, he can hear you even when you whisper it to him. You need not shout and beat dhols around him. Moreover, the lord of beginnings wants you to be kind, helping and giving and not loud and annoying. What’s the ‘moksha’ you’ll attain after putting old people, patients and animals through unbearable pain? It’s a community festival, that doesn’t mean that you disregard the society and play dirty songs to show your undying love. Chee. Let’s not make our special day hell for someone else. High decibel levels can cause serious harm and is known to have permanent damaging effects.

Ganesha is known to be playful and fun, but he definitely won’t like being taunted with Bollywood songs that are more to do with sex than devotion. And even worse is the visarjan day when drunk men try to molest women, right under the trunk of the lord. He is watching you, you know! Don’t think that you can get away with few rubs here and there. We are ashamed of such men who call themselves ‘bhakts’. Twitter is abuzz with celebrities and others venting out their anger at such goondaism. Take a look:


Aditi Rao Hydari ‏@aditiraohydari
@kathikak seriously!!! it’s pathetic- goondagiri in the name of religion, I’m sure all the gods have plugged their ears and gone to sleep!!

Aditi Rao Hydari ‏@aditiraohydari
Ganapati doesn’t want you to waste money and behave like hooligans. be kind, be good and pray with your hearts. Pleeeeeease!

Tanuj Garg ‏@tanuj_garg
Main Sharaabi Main Sharaabi and Subah Hone Na De are some of the tracks playing in the Ganpati processions! #justsaying

Bollywood Gandu ‏@BollywoodGandu
One minute silence for all those in Mumbai not celebrating Ganpati. No joke here, just want one minute of silence.

vivek juthani ‏@vivekjuthani
Only reason ganpati has 4 hands so he can cover his ears from all the #idiotic items numbers being played during visarjan


Pray all you want. But with your hands folded, eyes shut and mouths firmly closed. No need to put your ‘bhakti’ on display. He is not deaf and neither are we. Have a little mercy and DO NOT play item songs!






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