6 Ways To Handle The Interfering People In Office

Ways to handle the interfering people in office

“Ways to handle the interfering people in office”

In an office environment, working with the co-workers who are fun to be around is one of a best things.

But hey, you must’ve come across people who are always upright to interfere in your life all the time. Right?

I’m talking about the nosy people who are always interested to know about what’s going  in your life and their annoying questions that always pop up when they see you.

For e.g. who are you dating? Are you happy in your relationship?

Everything said and done; use these ways to handle the interfering people in office. (Wink!)

  1. Reveal a little but not too much

Alright! You cannot be completely rude about everything related to nosy ones. So just for the sake of a friendship you can give a little shot for their too dumb question. Suppose they ask you about your family; don’t go on spilling beans by revealing everything but talk about a little family love and that’s it.

  1. Modify the topic

One of a best thing to do is to modify the topic whenever your nosy co-worker asks you certain thing that seems to be personal. Simply change it up to something different e.g. bring a joke and laugh and try conversating about that topic etc.

  1. I’ll talk to you later

You can throw this line too- When you see that nosy co-worker coming towards you; try being busy with a cell phone and act as if a call is going to come. As you see them coming close then just make an excuse like “hold on a sec, there’s an important call and I’ll talk to you later”.

  1. Indirect way

If you can’t talk it out directly then better use the method to deliver your answer indirectly. If they are asking you way too many questions then just joke and say “oh! So we have a CID here” and end it there.

Nosy people are smart enough to understand indirect signs.

  1. Don’t join them

If you start doing the same thing then get yourself ready for endless questions from their side. Simply if you’re not enjoying the conversation at least don’t roll the dice on them too because doing so won’t have any changes between both of you.

  1. Tell the truth

If it’s getting way too hard then stand up and tell the truth. “Hey, I don’t feel I should tell you about so and so because it’s private”-this ends the topic there itself. Yes, the person might gossip about you but who cares because you did the right thing.

These are 6 ways to handle the interfering people in office in a smartly manner.

Any thoughts? Do comments below.

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