How To Impress A Hiring Manager By Professionally Ending An Interview

How to impress a hiring manager? Here are a few ways to impress your hiring manager using professional ways to round up your interview.

Job seekers seldom leave the interview thinking if they performed the way they had thought of doing.

After submitting your job application, you finally land yourself an interview, and after impatiently waiting for a good amount of time, you get to meet the hiring manager.

The interview session starts great and you’re confident about nailing it. But there is quite a possibility that an awkward moment might arise from one single yet critical mistake of yours.

While there are a few questions in an interview that can be predicted, not all the questions are easy to answer.

With this in mind, here are a few ways to impress your hiring manager, using professional ways to end your interview.

Connect experience to position

When a recruiting manger asks you to talk about yourself or about your greatest strength, he or she intends to know how well do you accept your faults and how can your strength be beneficial for the job role. So while you talk about your strength, make sure you convey something that your experience of working in the industry taught you. Something like this could work good, “… and that’s what I learnt in my previous job. I think I’ll be a great opportunity for me to use my ___ skill for this job role.”

Cite an appropriate example

Whatever you talk about you may not be able to bring it back to the job role or the company, as that might sound too conventional. And as you wish to stand apart from other candidates you may want to use techniques which none of the other candidates might have used. Try to be a little long-winded. Citing a previous example where you accomplished something great related to the industry could be effective. For example, “I had been working on it for quite some time, when I took the issue with a different perspective. The best part is seeing the issue with other viewpoint helped me deal with the conflict quite effectively.”

Close it with one or more questions

An interview does not always have to be a one-sided affair. It is good to sound smart and witty during your interview. However to make a better impression and build a rapport with the interviewer, you may want to ask a few questions about the company or the profile you’d be working in, or even the interviewer’s experience working there. That gives the recruiting manager an idea of how interested are you in the job.

They say practice makes a man perfect. So create a few answers and examples that relates to your job interview, to impress the hiring manager.

The card may switch sides if the hiring manager likes your inquisitive nature and confidence shown by your questions.

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