Quad-Core VS Dual-Core: Which One Should You Pick For Your Laptop?

So the bone of contention for today’s tech story is which one is better ‘“ Quad-Core Or Dual-Core. Well, lets find out!

Sometimes it is poor understanding; sometimes there is complete lack of understanding, and they say and repeat what they have been told to say.

And often it is about willful misdirection in order to make a hefty commission. So while you buy do not pay attention to the laptop buying myths, often the sales person tries to force onto you, use expert’s advice or your own understanding.  

So which one is better? Quad core or dual core? Lets find out… 

It is often said that most of the programs does not tent to take full advantage of all the four cores on a quad core CPU. There are of course some specific examples: 3D rendering, video encoding, simulation, artificial benchmarks like counting Pi up to a billion decimal places….but, logically, after two cores you get start getting diminishing returns for most consumer level applications.   

This is mainly because an appropriate application has to be written so that it can send a workload to each and every core, which may not be a very easy thing to program, depending on what the application is doing. Simply put, there are some tasks that run efficiently when run on a single core instead of on four different cores. 

What this means is that a dual core chip that is clocked at 2.0 GHz can, in most cases, outperform any random quad core chip which is clocked at 1.8GHz; this simply happens because a program can only take of two cores and the dual core chip is actually faster on a per core basis.  

Besides, there is a sub species of a particular furphy: “it is quad core 2.0 GHZ which means you get a power of 8.0 GHz.” This is simply not true at all. Let us realize one thing; you will not magically get 8.0GHz of power under all situations to throw at anything you desire. 

Yes, there are some codes to help automatically spread the workload across cores in the operating system (OS), for most part they simply do not magically work in concerts; there are applications that need to be particularly coded to take advantage of the same. Even then, you will see, some of the cores will only be partly loaded and some will also finish their workload before others. In addition to that, there are also applications like Handbrake or 3DSMax that will load happily of your cores to the maximum 100 percent; but then if you are using these programs and also know that you need as must power and as many cores as you can possibly get. And if you don’t know what they actually are, then you are probably likely to do just fine with the dual core CPU

However, there are still many programs that use juts one core, limiting you, in this example, to a flat 2.06 Hz of a performance. 

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