How To Increase You Likeability Quotient At Office: 7 Tips You Must Follow

How To Increase You Likeability Quotient

Likeability Quotient is one of the factors that can help to attain success in life!

Just like E.Q. one should also have  LQ as it has a magnetic effect that pulls people towards you and makes you achieve what you want in life!

If you want to be one of the best team players or liked by seniors and boss or job opportunities or promotion or anything!

Here are some tips that you can take in consideration in terms of Likeability Quotient:

1… Are you using right words?

“People will forget what you said but they will remember how you made them feel”-Maya Angelou.

Make sure you thank people and also if you feel any regret then do not think twice to apologize. Also complimenting right people at right time will only amp up your likeability factor among your peers.

2… Improve your body language and expressions and understand that of others as well.

It is vital to know body language is very important to impress and to show how much you care and showcase your concern for. For example, when some one is sharing an important note with you, make sure you nod positively, have an eye contact and discuss or ask questions if you have any doubt.

If you slouch, check your mobile or look away from the person then this can create wrong notions and he or she may never or will hardly deal with you again.

  • Smile: What does it cost to smile right? But you have to understand one more thing, smile with eyes and cheeks and not with lips. So next when you meet someone do not forget to smile and you will surely see the effect.
  • Perfect handshake: Make sure that you have firm handshake and palms are dry

3… Give your suggestions but do not impose your values on your colleagues.

No one likes when some one who imposes ideas or values or try to change someone. So for example, if you are working in a team and the during the discussions the point leads clashes over the thoughts and ideas, then that time your suggestions should be backed by powerful reasoning and not just because you want to.  In this way, you will be just considered a right and approachable person as this will only increase your likeability quotient.

4… Listen first!

Be a good listener! Naturally people like those who listen first! Listeners are not only best interpersonal bonds with others but also have great leaders of future. Ideally, you should cut short people and portray your thoughts.  This key point will help you to increase your Likeability Quotient.

5… Accept the people the way the are and also think from their view.

Do not be judgmental as soon as you meet some one. Make sure you understand them and the situation, as well as their background and accordingly, have a conversation. Also, it will be really helpful if you go in other person’s shoes and think from his or her’s perspective.

6… Be passionate and have a conversation on the passions you share.

Whatever work you do, give your best and be passionate for it. When you engage in conversations on a common topic then it definitely helps to gel with other people. Most of them we do often find team mates or colleagues having some common passion or interest.

7… Looking at the good aspects about others and not showing your insecurities

People favor those who understands them even if they have some negative points. If you keep a close mind and only concentrate on their negative or minus points then you will always annoy them or end up having tiff as you have pre-conceived notions especially wrong ones about them.

Avoid saying your insecurities like you are wrong totally, your point is not at all right, you have changed!

Follow these simple tips that will help you boost up your likeability quotient!

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