Keeley Hazel Preserved Her Breasts, What Will Our Bollywood Stars Preserve?

Saving body parts of a celeb – we talk about the trend in Hollywood where insuring or saving a body part of a famous celeb is becoming a trend. We look into how Bollywood can get its act together in that race.

Okay, you can come back to normal; we are only talking about Keeley Hazel’s breast-preservation, nothing else!

This is one of the most stunning of news, but yes, it is indeed true. It was found that Keeley’s breasts are one of the best in the world and that gave her an idea of preserving them by casting them in bronze to make them immortal for centuries!

Crazy idea, huh?

Surely an innovative one though!

Now, if she has done that, what can our Bollywood stars preserve for future generations?

Let’s have a look:

Anushka Sharma

This girl should go ahead and get her lips preserved! Duck-lips or not, lips are her most important asset, keeping her in the limelight even when she didn’t have anything else to get publicity! The way global warming is making animal species extinct, may be the future generation will know a duck by referring to Anushka’s lips. A pair of lips cast in bronze or copper would be a sight to watch!



Vidya Balan

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song in Ajay Devgn starrer Singham Returns with lyrics as, ‘sola ka dola..’ is actually a compliment to Vidya’s biceps! Which other actress boasts of such assets which can make men scared of a girl? For sure, Vidya should make sure her biceps are preserved in steel (not bronze, too downmarket you know!) for posterity!



Aamir Khan

He is an intelligent man who sees, observes and hears everything which is worth something. We think his big ears play an important role in all the wise decisions he takes. After all, he listens stuff and is able to filter out un-important stuff which an ordinary man is unable to! May be in future his extra-big ears cast in bronze can be used to listen on to what aliens are talking, what say?



Salman Khan

His career was going downhill, just like his receding hairline. And then miracle happened with the help of science. He got a hair transplant and see how he not only got back his sexy looks, but also became one of the biggest superstars! We strongly recommend his new or fake hair to be saved for future generations to study how it can result in earning top dollars! Casting them in bronze or copper might be bit tricky, but worth the effort!



Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa made her debut in Baazigar with a fat nose and then over the years, her nose became as thin and pointed as her sexy figure and fiery attitude! Final result: Winning Bigg Brother in the UK! That’s the importance of nose, you see! It has to be saved for its supreme historical importance! Imagine a bronze or copper nose with the speciality that it doesn’t run!



Saroj Khan

Well, the ace choreographer is seen less in action these days and more in stupid controversies about her statements in regards to new generations of choreographers. May be it is due to her doing less work and sitting more and more on her now-famous big bums! Is she thinking from there or what? Who knows! May be cast those humongous bums in rock-solid steel for generations to come and study as to how a great dancer became a caricature!



Tusshar Kapoor

This guy needs to preserve his entire body for future, if that’s possible somehow! It might not be for any scientific study or for his non-existing fans, but for the sheer amusement of future generations! It would really make a museum an interesting place to visit to know that someone like him walked the earth who without any talent, looks or any other credible characteristic got work in Bollywood again and again and again! One question though, that should even a single penny be spent on someone like him? Hmmm..


Well these are some body parts we can think of! Shall keep you updated with more information if any of these stars do decide to take our advice!

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