If Modi is Asaram, Mr Jairam, what should we call Rahul? Poonam?

While urging people to cut across party lines and support Lokpal Bill in the parliament, Rahul was never actually able to give nuances to the same. So, if Ramesh finds Modi like Asaram speaking on virginity, then what should we call Rahul Gandhi? Poonam Pandey speaking on nudity?

The Indian political scenario has come out of its retro sobriety. Now they are talking about sex, virginity and gay rights – issues that were taboo in India – quite openly. With UPA defeated in four states, the Congress party now jumps at small issues trying to own them with the hope of doing good in general elections.

First it was gay pride, although it is not clear how the issue will help the party gain votes, and then it was Lokpal Bill – a key to Rahul’s credibility surge in future.

But the new making headlines came from rural development minister Jairam Ramesh. Launching an attack on BJP prime ministerial candidae and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Ramesh likened him to the self-proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu. The issue was of Lokayukta appointment in Gujarat and Modi mocking Rahul and Congress party on Lokpal bill.

“Narendra Modi speaking about Lokayukta is like Asaram talking about virginity,” Ramesh thundered in the media on Monday.

Although the rural development minister is no stranger to controversial remarks, drawing an analogy with the disgraced self-styled godman was an all-time low. One may have appreciated his comment in the light that Modi has failed to appoint a lokayukta in his state in past 10 years, but resorting to unparliamentary language was not required.

In his own capacity, Modi was right while ridiculing Rahul and his Congress party on Lokpal when he appreciated former Uttarakhand chief minister BC Khanduri’s Lokayukta Bill. Modi had questioned why Congress, which is pushing the Lokpal Bill, was not implementing Lokayukta Act brought in by the previous BJP government headed by BC Khanduri in Uttarakhand.

Drafted at a time when Anna Hazare’s agitation for a Lokpal Bill was at its peak, Uttarakhand Lokayukta Bill was passed unanimously by the state Assembly on 1 November 2011 after Khanduri took over the reins in the state for a second time in September, 2011.

Though given presidential ascent after a two-year wait in September this year, the Act is yet to be implemented in Uttarakhand as Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna wants to bring it into force only after certain amendments. Uttarakhand Lokayukta Act brings under its ambit the chief minister, ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats among others.

While the bill is a model bill, Ramesh did not go into the details of the delay in implementing in Uttarakhand by Congress government. He vaguely replied that “there was some problem” with the legislation and instantly termed the bill a “joke”.

It is to be noted that Ramesh is the representative of that party which had created a draconian Lokpal bill, in terms of the activists who were rooting for it, which had come under a severe attack from the opposition BJP. The Lokpla Bill, in its current form, is being discarded by its own ally Samajwadi party and is under discussion in Rajya Sabha.

Although the anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and the opposition has even promised to pass the bill without a debate, the bill still needs many amendments when it comes to CBI, which is also going to be under Lokpal, and numerous recommendations by Select Committee has been made on the same.

Appointment of Lokpal or Lokayukta is another debatable matter as the person will be appointed by jurists of eminence which is loaded by people from the government. What difference will it make then?

Thereis a provision of religious based reservation on the appointment of Lokpals and Lokayukta, which is unconstitutional. But Ramesh and his Congress party will not look to Khanduri’s Lokayukta.

While discussing the bill in Rajya Sabha, Kapil Sibal said that “everybody is fed up of corruption”, but he forgot to mention that this corruption was displayed by his government only.

Also, Ramesh needs to be reminded that on September 29, 2011 while the parliament was in extended session for discussing Lokpal Bill when the speaker abruptly dismissed the house at midnight was not only a sabotage on the democracy of the country, it also showed how UPA was playing an upper hand for reaching its end.

Modi tried to appoint a Lokayukta after a severe debate on it in Gujarat but the person appointed refused to join. Also, Modi had been delivering a corruption free government in Gujarat from last 10 years while Congress government was found neck-deep in scams.

And how can we find worth of the words of a minister whose ministry has not participated in preparation of any sensible bill till date? Ramesh has also never contested a direct election to gain credibility about being a representative of people speaking on Modi’s credibility.

Just before the results of assembly elections came, Ramesh had said that “Rahul was to be around after elections while Modi was to go” and instead was hit badly with Modi wave.

But Rahul, who is a clear favourite of Jairam who wants to work under his leadership just like other leaders of his party, has no experience in any administrative matter. While urging people to cut across party lines and support Lokpal Bill in the parliament, Rahul was never actually able to give nuances to the same.

When he said that Lokpal will ensure a clean government, it was just like Sonia Gandhi saying that we will bring back all black money stashed away and prime minister Manmohan Singh saying we will bring down prices.

If Ramesh finds Modi like Asaram speaking on virginity, then what should we call Rahul Gandhi? Poonam Pandey speaking on nudity?

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