Can You Believe An App That Gives You A ‘˜Scented’ Message?

Finally we have an app that can help to send scented massages. How useful will this be, only time will tell. For now, we have a lot to look forward to.

Have you ever received a text that smells like your favorite food?

If not then now you can receive or send texts that would have a nice smell about them.

All you need is an iPhone and its new app called oSnap.

This is a great iPhone app for foodies who can attach smell along with the picture of the delicious dishes that they are sending. But how has this been possible? 

It is Harvard University professor David Edwards and his team of students who have made this possible.

They have created an iPhone app that can take images and send it to the recipient accompanied by scent. This app will is scheduled to be premiered in American Museum of Natural History in New York sometimes in July. Paris-based Vapor Communications is responsible for the start up of this aroma based texting system. It has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the setup. 

So how does this app work?

The working of this iPhone app is similar that to that of the Instagram. It has an automatic camera with which you can take a snap of the object that you want to send across. After you have taken the image, a tagging menu will appear where you are required to select a particular scent note that will be attached to the image. You can choose from butter, cocoa beans, baguette or red wine. There are eight options which you can combine with your snap. This can be easily used for a picture of a full meal where you would want to combine different kinds of aromas. Once this is done, the scented snap is sent to the recipient through a scent-transmitting known as oPhone so that the recipient can receive the aromas. 

As of now the oPhone is only available at the Museum of Natural History and at Le Laboratoire in Paris. If you need this app all you go to do is travel to the museum and download oNote and the scent. The engineering team is still working on the app so that it can be available soon for home use as well.

The sticker price for this iPhone app is currently $199. 

According to the team, oSnap is hoping that this app will become popular in common places like coffee shops, restaurants and other places where food is readily available. This can also be used by the various brands while promoting their food items. However, the latest iPhone app for foodies also reminds one of the Smell-O-Vision that was not received kindly by the users. However, Professor David Edwards explains that oSnap does not carry that overwhelming scent and is more subtle. 

As for now this is looks like a great app that will definitely arouse the interest of the foodies across the globe! 

On a second thought, is there any Cologne or Fragrance app in the pipeline, to save all the big money spent on perfumes every year?

Wish there was!!



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