How To Say NO?

Say No

They might hate you  if you say NO but how would you resist your inner voice screaming for what you couldn’t deny? Think of a situation when you have no other option to elope, but to say no, would you still find ways to please people and do what they long for? You have your answer.

We see new faces, almost every day (if not then you need a change),  we talk to people we don’t know much about, we become friends to few out of them and then their slaves? By slave I don’t associate to any form of labour work but the form of living in which you speak what they want you to, and thus dare not to refuse them for anything they want. Here are some of the customary habits and circumstances in which you tend to create mess for yourself  by not saying no, don’t worry the solution is the next after the problem:

When you don’t want to do what they want you to do: (Image1)

They might ask you to hang out at odd hours, share drinks with them, do what doesn’t give you kick but a pain. In such situation you might feel bad for yourself, for not fitting into their frame of traits but hey! it’s you, you aren’t born to fix into something but to shone out of all.

Say NO to them, explain them, things that please them isn’t your taste and thus you can’t be a part of it. Only if they value you more than a little and short lived fun, of the moment, they would understand.

When you are between a dilemmatic situation: (Image 2)

Situations which compress you and put you between either ‘wrong for being right’ or ‘wrong for supporting wrong’ comes, such as, when you can’t deny the fact you’re are bound with a bad company but accepting it infront of others could be a red alert for them, and thus you remain quite.

Situations when you’re broke (running out of cash), out of resources or yourself need help, indubitably you can’t be somebody’s back then, you ought to say the ‘NO’.

But for how long you can let things be like this? Learn to say no, for a better life.

Say No

NO at/for work:

You know you have worked really hard for it, you can’t let them share credits and thus you should tell them NO, but how?

Things inspite of being same means different on professional note, you need to be very careful. Yes! a NO can take away your job but you have to decide for how long you can live with that fear of being fired.

Say No

Say no because you respect your hard work and let them know what are your opinion.

Learn to say NO. It not only makes the way clear for you but also gives you a sense of satisfaction, that you spoke for yourself.  In nutshell:

. Say NO politely

. You need not to give any justification

. Because it was better than YES!

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