Ideas to Get Your Munchkin’s First Photoshoot on Point

The arrival of your little one marks the beginning of a new and beautiful chapter in your life. From the moment you hold your baby for the first time, your heart leaps with unparalleled joy, seeing that pure, innocent face.

Many of you also maintain a baby journal to cherish all your baby’s firsts and special moments. Another way to capture your baby at his/her cutest best is to plan an exclusive photoshoot, where your little munchkin can don different looks in a themed setting.

For getting the photoshoot on point, you will also need newborn baby dresses that befit your chosen themes.

To help you in picking the right theme for your cutie pie’s photoshoot, let us share a few ideas with you.

~ Beautiful Beginnings ~

Text Print Onesies and Bloomer with Headband

Let your little one share your sentiments by telling the world what it means to happy parents through a theme that celebrates this new beginning. Create a merry ambience for your munchkin using colourful balloons, cute clip arts, baby toys and snuggly cushions – all placed cheerfully.

For getting the theme on point, buy cute new-born dresses that have quirky or cute one-liners printed on your baby’s clothes. If you want, you can also place your precious one in a beautifully decorated basket and add a charming touch.

~ The Royal Baby ~

Formal style Romper with Cap

Floral Print Halter Neck Onesies

Your baby is your little prince or princess. So, for their first-ever photo shoot, you can dress them up in a royal look. Use beautiful velvety or baby wool rugs, fresh flower, or satin sheets to embrace your baby in an ambience of love and warmth. You can tell the photographer to take an aerial view of your baby and capture their many different expressions and movements.

For a baby boy, you can buy a formal style romper that comes with a bow and cap, and a floral tutu dress if you have a little girl. Such newborn baby dresses come in soothing colours and comfortable fabrics. In case of a baby girl, you can also put a tiara or a flowery headband to add an extra touch of royalty to her appearance.     

~Jingle Bells~

Santa Print Romper

Just imagine, that amidst colourful gifts, Christmas trees and glittering bells, you see the photographer clicking delightful pictures of your little munchkin as a baby Santa. We are sure, and you’ll fall in love with the idea of Santa all over again.

To get the best out of this theme, place your baby on a cosy white sheet, with other Christmas-y props in the background, to make your little one in red stand out in the picture. Also, make them wear a red cap, and hand a small bell to complete the Santa look.

Buy a red Santa romper well in advance of Christmas and plan the photoshoot accordingly. You may also give your baby’s Santa pictures to your closed ones, along with season’s greeting gifts.

~ Playful World ~

Pink Pinafore with White Top

Animal Print Romper

Your baby’s world is colourful and full of possibilities. So, bring that world to life by going for a theme where you can incorporate Disney characters, animals, dreamy, and magical stuff. Your baby may not be familiar with all these, but such elements are surely going to delight them visually. Dress your baby in colourful, adorable cartoon and animal prints, and they will fit right in the theme.

~ Sibling Love ~

Sleeveless Dress

If your new-born is your second baby, you can also plan your photoshoot around sibling love. You can buy similar adorable looking dresses for your kids, and then have them clicked together, sharing sweet moments. Your elder child can have the new-born sit in their lap, while your little one plays with a soft toy.  

~ Milestone Moments~

Full-sleeves Applique Dress

Smiley Printed Jeans

You can even plan your baby’s shoot on a special day, such as when they turn one month or one year old and arrange an entire theme around it. You can decorate the background with props that showcase your little one’s journey up till then using colourful and celebratory stuff. You can make your munchkin wear something that makes them look charmingly cute. For instance, you can make your baby girl wear a cute tutu dress or your printed jeans and shirt with a cap.

Treasure Your Baby’s Special Moments

Your baby is a piece of your heart, and therefore you love it the most in the world. Therefore, to make the first-ever photoshoot a memorable experience for your precious one, buy cute newborn baby dresses that can make him/her look perfect. Buying outfits for such occasions is now a simple affair as you can go online and check out fashion brands such as Hopscotch that offer attractive newborn baby dresses in all kind of styles. They offer everything from party wear dresses to sleepwear, meaning you can buy everything in one place.

So, pick up a theme and make your baby picture perfect for the same to get some heartening pictures.

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