How To Create A Blue Print Of Your Character!


Not every person in this world has same character.

All are different from each other. All have different mental and moral values which make them separate from others.

If all of have different character, then how to distinguish between a good character and bad character and how we attend the so called good character.

The question is very simple and easy but the answer is not so easy.

Human are the most complicated organism of this universe. So how could be their character will be simple.

Here we have tried to make simple of the complicacy human character.

Why you need to build a character:

Building character is more important as like building Physical Health.

Without good physical health you cannot succeed in your professional life, same way without your professional and personal character you also cannot succeed in professional career. Character that reflects from you is your identity.  Your character is your road map to professional success. A good character attracts more people. More people mean more success. We have a misguidance in our society about the good character that a person with good character should be simple, open, broad minded, transparent, clear cut, straight forward, sweat talker, honest, humble, loyal, punctual, helpful, happy, enthusiastic, energetic, and so on. All these are socially approved as a good character. But what these characters have nothing to do with professional career. There is different characters need for different profession.

Distinguished between good and bad character:

It is the most difficult task to figure out, what is good for you what not. Y

our character is built by your circumstances, your situation, your friend circle and your profession. You and only you can distinguish between your bad and good character. For example you are a doctor for which you need to be cruel to do all those surgeries. But in our society cruelty is known as bad character. If you follow the society and change your character, then what happened you lose your ability as a surgeon.  Here cruelty is not a bad character but sympathy to patient is. Like-wise an administrator should be silent and egoistic, a lawyer should be irritating, a police man shouldn’t be humble to people. The characters of your profession are built automatically. If not you can built it of your own.

Methods of Building Character: Character building process is not a one night game. You need days of regular learning and practice for it. Let’s discuss how you can do it.

  1. Programming of Mind: Your mind is the source of your character. Thought develops in your mind leads to action, your action becomes your habit and your habits make your characters. Your characters take you to the success destination. If you want to change your character change your thought process. There only one way of changing it is programming of mind. Programming of mind is something you talk to yourself when you are alone. Watch yourself talk carefully. Evaluate it properly. Then find out the dominant thought that create road block to your desire character. Then consciously alter that thought to your desire one. It will take time but solve the problem permanently as it works in root level.
  2. Positive self talk: Another way of changing character is saying the characters you want to be. You want to be excellent doctors, say it loudly. Make a list of the character of a excellent doctor or the person you want to be and write it on present tense as if you already live that life. Read out the list two times regularly after bed and before bed loudly.
  3. Change your association: You are carbon copy of your associate friends. You cannot be a doctor by hanging out with lawyer day in and day out. You need to change your association and make some doctor friends or someone who is already a successful person in your desire field. That will help you to create the desire character you need to.

At last character building is very easy task. If your blue print is perfect, you have burning desire to become it, passion for it then things going to be very simple and easy for you.

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